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Prank leads to eight arrests at Enloe High

Posted May 16, 2013
Updated May 17, 2013

— Seven students and a parent were arrested Thursday at Enloe High School in Raleigh after an end-of-year prank caused commotion on campus, authorities said. 

Kevin Antrone Hines, 38, of 105 Shalon Court in Apex, faces one count of second-degree trespassing.

Enloe student Justin Mangum Devon, 17, of 2108 Walnut Bluff Lane in Raleigh, was charged with assault and battery.

Six students were each charged with disorderly conduct:

  • Roderick Elliott Hodge Jr., 16, of Barwell Road, Raleigh
  • Kelton Treyquan Hines, 16, of Brintons Mill Lane, Knightdale
  • Christopher Montrell Coward, 17, of Calumet Drive, Raleigh
  • Robert Edward Brown, 16, of Waterford Landing Court, Raleigh
  • Damarcus Nathaniel Cole, 16, of Gladstone Drive, Raleigh
  • Deonte Rodricus Ward, 16, of Frenchmen Court, Raleigh

Cole was also charged with resisting a public officer. He was in the Wake County jail Friday morning under a $3,000 bond. Mangum and Ward were also remained in custody Friday. 

Hodge, Kelton Hines, Kevin Hines, Coward and Brown were released late Thursday, authorities said.

In a message to parents, Principal Scott Lyons said students had planned "several pranks on campus," including throwing balloons filled with water and other substances at other students.

Enloe High School Prank causes mayhem, arrests at Enloe High

Russ Smith, senior director of security for the school system, said school officials are taking the incident seriously.

"Somebody gets hit with a water balloon. They don't like it. So, the potential is there for there to be a physical altercation," Smith said. 

Teachers and administrators kept students in their classrooms during seventh period as a precaution, he said. 

A school system spokeswoman said one Enloe student was hospitalized after being bitten by a snake at the school. It wasn't clear whether that injury was related to the pranks.  


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  • jriggan May 17, 2013

    If Enloe is so exemplary then has sallyxxxmason taken biology yet?? There are many poisonous and deadly snakes here in NC as evidenced by the copperhead I killed at home yesterday! I hope that sallyxxxmason is not representative of the students from Enole because if she is then there are some real problems.

  • sallyxxxmason May 17, 2013

    Wow, so many people telling the story wrong. The prank was meant to be just from seniors and when news spread on Twitter other got involved. The kids who got arrested weren't even seniors anyways (I think). As for the water balloons, you people just go by what you hear. 85% of the water balloons were filled with water, while the rest Nair and MAYBE urine. Bodily fluids? Really? Some people just love to get attention through rumors. I was there yesterday and saw what happened. And as for the snake, there are no poisonous snakes in North America let alone any lethal ones. People really?

  • helios8611 May 17, 2013

    This exemplifies the whole "magnet school" process in Wake County. Brilliant kids "apply" through lottery for the privilege of getting bussed across the County, to go to this "exemplary" school, alongside the "neighborhood" kids that are zoned to this school, for the purpose of bringing the average grades up for the school. Does anyone care to wager how many of the arrested kids came to Enloe through the lottery? I guess ZEROOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • tarheelforlife2 May 17, 2013

    yeah I know that UNC is not a safety school for most people in any way, but at Enloe it is. That's what I meant.

  • cviklin137 May 17, 2013

    "We have the highest growth rate, and test scores in the county."

    Hahahaha, Enloe has higher SAT scores than WECHS EVEN WITH a high proportion of the least motivated students in the county. Sorry, your statement has been countered.

    Enloe #6, WECHS #8


    UNC Chapel Hill is a safety school for the brightest students at Enloe...not sure about WECHS based on your comment. And WECHS, not to mention, is strongly med-sci based. Enloe has a diverse set of brilliant minds that get accepted into numerous Ivy Leagues each year.

    mojaintsmall...I can not comprehend how your comment makes sense.

  • mojaintsmall May 17, 2013

    "But that doesn't discount the fact that there are brilliant ones."

    obviously the balloon wielding criminals are not at the top of their classes

  • tarheelforlife2 May 17, 2013

    Having the brightest kids in the county does not mean you have the highest graduation rates. As I said, we have the brightest kids AND some of the least motivated. The least motivated contribute to the graduation rates, but the brightest are still there. UNC chapel hill is considered to be a "safety school" (that is, a school that they will automatically get into and will go to unless they get into Duke, Brown, Upenn, or Berkeley. And we have a good number of kids going to each of those schools). With such a big school, there are going to be a lot of kids who fail.... But that doesn't discount the fact that there are brilliant ones.

  • mojaintsmall May 17, 2013

    "Enloe has the brightest kids in the county"

    Unfortunately statistics for graduation rates do not support your argument. But in Enloe's defense it did not have the lowest 2009-2010 graduation rate among Wake County High Schools. That distinction fell to Garner. http://www.wcpss.net/results/reports/2011/1109grads2009-10.pdf

  • mojaintsmall May 17, 2013

    No doubt further charges will be brought once a complete investigation is completed and these criminals hopefully will be dealt with accordingly.

  • tarheelforlife2 May 17, 2013

    I see a comment about how this was because of a new principal. Speaking as an Enloe student, Scott Lyons is a fabulous principal. Enloe is a great school, despite these incidents. With a school as big and diverse as Enloe, it's hard to prevent such things. Enloe has the brightest kids in the county, as well as the most destructive. That's just what happens when you allow diversity. And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. Also, "this stuff didnt happen when Beth Cochran was there" is a TOTAL lie. Two years ago, my
    Freshman year, Freshman Friday occurred and it was the scariest day of my life. Basically this whole day except the atrium wasnt closed off, so we werent all clustered. Food was thrown, syrup thrown, kids in trash cans. And that was under the "beloved" Beth Cochran. So no, it is not Scott Lyons fault. He is the best principal you could ask for.
    Enloe > any other school. Great academics, despite the craziness.