Senate puts tax reform back on the radar

Posted June 28, 2013

— Senate leaders are apparently ready to push ahead with their own tax reform bill as negotiations with the House and Governor's Office drag on.

The Senate Finance Committee put out a notice Friday that they would meet Monday at 2 p.m. and take up House Bill 998, the tax reform bill. After tentatively approving their version of tax reform earlier this month, senators pulled the bill back from consideration so they could negotiate with House leaders. 

Those negotiations, complete with input from Gov. Pat McCrory, have proved frustrating for Senate leaders.

"We're still working," said Jordan Shaw, a spokesman for House Speaker Thom Tillis.

House leaders don't believe they have an agreement on tax reform. The House is not scheduled to hold a formal meeting to do legislative business until July 8. The Senate expects to be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. 

"The House and Senate are still working together. We have not reached consensus," said Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, the House's lead tax negotiator. "The House Republican Caucus remains committed to the principles of tax policy we outlined in the tax reform which passed the House. We do respect our Senate Colleagues and continue with them. We are getting closer.

"I feel very confident the Senate will pass a Bill that addresses many of the House priorities and will make it easier for the two Chambers to work together in Conference to deliver real tax reform that helps hard working North Carolina taxpayers," he said.

Senators could have merely brought back their previous version of House Bill 998 for a final vote and sent the measure over to the House. Calling a committee meeting suggests they plan to tweak the measure at least a small amount before hearing it again.

“Tax reform negotiations with the House continue. We’ve made a lot of progress and have reached consensus in several key areas. We will continue to negotiate throughout the weekend. But the time has come for the Senate to move the tax reform process forward. We hope the bill in the Senate Finance Committee on Monday will represent a final agreement. But if not, we’re confident we can work out any remaining differences in conference," Senate Leader Phil Berger said in a statement.

Officials working for McCrory say he has not offered his own plan, but lawmakers say he circulated a compromise measure in recent weeks.


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  • terrie Jul 1, 2013

    Since this legislature is so worried about spending our hard earned tax dollars, I assume they will be doing these extra sessions for free and paying their own expenses.

  • Come On_Seriously Jul 1, 2013

    "North Carolina’s unemployment rate fell for the fourth consecutive month in May to 8.8 percent, but the slight drop was largely due to a shrinking labor force rather than the creation of new jobs, economists said. The state LOST 5,900 jobs over the past month, according to a payroll survey of employers..."
    June 21, 2013-www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/06/21/4120961/nc-jobless-rate-falls-slightly.html#storylink=cpy

    Not only are they not creating jobs, but only the gop thinks that their math can divide NEGATIVE 5900 jobs by 70,000 people and act as though they are coming out positively.

    You'd think it would be hard to convince anyone with a brain that 70,000 people could easily find employment in an economy that is not generating jobs (if those moochers would only apply themselves). But the gop has already convinced themselves of it, and will allow no amount of facts to stand in their way.

  • Come On_Seriously Jul 1, 2013

    An excellent thought greg69innc.

    Apparently, they need to meet some real people outside their circle of friends and fellow politicians who are both looking for work and trying to support a family.

    It's easy to 'be tough' when you don't actually have to face those who you're ignorantly dismissing as 'moochers.'

  • billsmith98 Jul 1, 2013

    Seems when it comes to money, these jokers always get their panties twisted up....sad

  • greg69innc Jun 29, 2013

    Why doesn't Phil Berger, Thom Tillis and Pat McCory meet with all the 70000 families and explain to them why they are having to suffer since they're no working selves wont find a job