Senate gives tentative nod to gun rights expansion

Posted June 12, 2013

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— North Carolinians with concealed handgun permits would be able to carry firearms in more places – including businesses that serve alcohol, funeral processions and playgrounds – under a bill that the Senate gave tentative approval to Wednesday. 

The legislation is a broad measure that backers say will broaden the application of Second Amendment rights and increase penalties for certain gun crimes. 

"We should not fear the armed citizens protecting themselves, protecting their families ... they don't commit crimes," said Sen. Thom Goolsby, R-New Hanover.

The most striking provision in the bill does away with pistol purchase permits currently required to buy a handgun in this state. Under the proposal heard Wednesday, residents would still have to undergo a background check to buy from a federally licensed firearms dealer. However, private sales of handguns would no longer require a permit and would not be subject to any kind of background check. Those are the same rules that currently apply to private sales of long guns like rifles and shotguns.

"This bill is over-reaching and distinctly out of reach with the citizens of North Carolina as the poll shows," Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, D-Orange, argued Wednesday. 

Under current law, the names, addresses and other information related to those who are concealed handgun permit holders are public information. This bill would close off that information from public view.

"I kind of want to keep these records public," said Sen. Martin Nesbitt, D-Buncombe.

Nesbitt said they were useful in some legal proceedings related to domestic violence, and he pointed out they had been used to find problems with the system, such as news reports that showed some felons had been able to buy guns.

But leaving that information open to public inspection could point the way for criminals who want to steal firearms or set up confrontations with anti-gun advocates, supporters said.

"The purpose of having a concealed weapon permit is so that you're anonymous about carrying a weapon," said Sen. Buck Newton, R-Wilson.

Nesbitt replied that he had recently been asked if he was uncomfortable with people knowing he had guns in his house.

"I said, 'No ma'am, all my guns work,'" Nesbitt said. 

The bill passed 33-16 but Sen. Angela Bryant, D-Nash, raised an objection to giving the measure a final vote. It will likely be heard again Thursday before returning to the House for final legislative approval.


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  • Lightfoot3 Jun 13, 2013

    “Pity that since the guns are concealed we can't make sure they actually follow the law and the first time we find that they didn't is when they kill someone.....” – Grand Union

    Well, how do you currently make sure everyone around you is following the law? Do you frisk everyone eating at Olive Garden to make sure they’re not carrying a firearm?

  • Pretzel Logic Jun 13, 2013

    When I got my CT permit,(1984) My instructor at the time was a Connecticut State Police Captain, he was in charge of the CT State Narcotics Task Force he was also my best friends father and a long time personal friend of the family. We spent many all day outings shooting pistols, rifles, shotguns, hundreds of rounds, so much that our shoulders were black and blue for days after.

    He advised, to us in our private life and also during the CC training, when you carry, carry all the time, everywhere, don't pick and choose when or where, Because If, by chance you have to use your weapon to defend your life, "they" the prosecution, could most certainly turn the table to imply that you went out Gunnin on a particular day to a particular place, with the premeditated intent to do harm. If you have to use your weapon to defend your life or your family (justified) of course, a carrying concealed weapons charge is of little concern.

    My instructor here in NC was NCHP Retired, said the same thing.

  • Red Green Jun 13, 2013

    Grand Union writes - “Pity that since the guns are concealed we can't make sure they actually follow the law and the first time we find that they didn't is when they kill someone.....”

    Personally I’m not the least bit concerned. I place the odds of that happening right up there with being impaled by an errant piece of space debris. I would find it sad to waste my life being fixated on events with a risk as low as this.

  • 00100111 Jun 13, 2013

    Just passed the Senate, now back to House for concurrence vote. Then to McCrory's desk. This is happening libs, get used to it.

  • OneNationUnderGod Jun 13, 2013

    "Even our CC instructor was pretty clear on OC- it's legal but it's not a very good idea in most cases."-junkmail

    +1...mine told us the same thing. Wouldn't want to spook the liberals now would we? Since they already admit on a daily basis they believe guns are "toys" and that they are not competent enough to own/operate one...

  • scvmcdoc Jun 13, 2013

    "No, it says you cannot drink ANY alcohol. Nothing about under the influence. Under the influence would imply enough to get your tipsy. NC gun law allows not even a drop."

    Pity that since the guns are concealed we can't make sure they actually follow the law and the first time we find that they didn't is when they kill someone....Grand Onion

    If they are going to consume while carrying then I'm sure they are already doing it, they won't wait until this law is passed. That would place them in the category of not being a law abiding citizen.

  • Pretzel Logic Jun 13, 2013

    It is unlawful for the permittee to carry a concealed handgun "while consuming alcohol", "or at any time while the permittee has remaining in his or her body, "any alcohol", or a controlled substance previously consumed. However, a permittee does not violate this if a controlled substance in his or her blood was lawfully obtained and taken in therapeutically appropriate amounts. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.11(c)

  • Red Green Jun 13, 2013

    "Enjoy your day in the sun.....it is not going to last." Grand Union

    That's a pipe dream. 6 months after Sandy Hook and the grand vision of new gun laws is precipitously loosing momentum. In fact, the reverse of your ambitions is coming to realization :(

  • Grand Union Jun 13, 2013

    "I'm psyched there is a gun show this weekend! It will a good time for anti-gunners to come out and try to buy a pistol without a permit...$8($7 if you print the coupon) is cheap to say "I told you so!". Give it a shot.....bet you cant!"

    Change hasn't passed into law yet so of course you won't be able (or shouldn't) be able to get one without a permit.

  • conservativepatriot Jun 13, 2013

    What you do not seem to understand is the bad guy allready has the gun nothing will change this . It is time the good guy has the ability to defend themselves or you if need be.