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Selma police seek bank robber

Posted August 8, 2013

— Selma police released surveillance images Thursday of a man they believe robbed a bank on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say the man walked into the First Citizens Bank around 1:40 p.m., demanded money and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

He did not use a weapon in the robbery. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Selma police.


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  • Bartmeister Aug 9, 2013

    imsosorry, Nauti = didn't mean to raise your dander so much, you misinterpreted my original statements. I stand by the comments, and no I don't hate people or have banking issues. I'm a member of that second largest credit union that you spoke of, or at least was told it was. Any hoo, the nasty old interweb will get most of us eventually, can't fight technology and corporate downsizing where it makes economical sense I guess. I didn't mean the part about the lollipops. I did mean the part about being in danger. I know that all too well, didn't mean to make fun of you dangerous situation, that would scare most.

  • Bartmeister Aug 9, 2013

    @lovethemoment = You, like the other two missed my intent. The article said they "demanded" money and presented no weapon. I think that's funny as written. And no, I don't condone, like, or think robbery of any type is funny or view it as flippant behavior. But the banking industry is one area where automation can replace much if =not most of the function performed in a local branch, that can't be denied. It's already being instituted in the Triangle now! And that automation, however viewed as cold and not having any personal touch, is a safer method to all employees against robberies at gun point. Tell an automated teller to hand over the "loot" or I'll shoot and it will tell you to have a nice day all while snapping up close photo's, and dialing the police. Oh, and if you have a lobby without human activity, the auto teller most likely locks the perp inside until the authorities get there. Perfect? Nope. Safer? Ummmm yep. More cost effective? Absolutely. Sorry.

  • Bartmeister Aug 9, 2013

    Bitter about white collar workers? How can you be bitter about your own professional group? Nauti sir is not necessary, that is for officers I was enlisted.

    Imsosorry, get back in there Susan and help those people instead of posting at work during business hours. Enjoy while you can............

  • lovethemoment Aug 9, 2013

    Bart-it's such a same you don't like to deal with real people instead of computers, I would have to guess that something happened in your life to make you hate banks or just people in general or maybe it's your personality. Either way, there will always be people who prefer a personal banking experience with a live person instead of a computer and because of that, there will always be a bank and the chance of robberies, it's just part of the business. But people like you that take humor in robberies is just sad.

  • imsosorry Aug 9, 2013

    I'm right there with ya Nauti-dog, Im coming back from lunch and they are lined up inside at the teller line so good day, let me go help these people who dont need me any more.

  • Bartmeister Aug 9, 2013

    I can tell you the teller line isnt going any where any time soon. Automated or not, there will be a need for "Madge" the bank teller for some time to come


    Credit Unions locally are using computerized tellers now. How can you say not anytime soon? Besides, both of you side tracked the discussion, banks as we know them today are going to be obsolete and invite robberies for the most part. No solid partitions between the customer and teller is a great start. I'm surprised the drive thru windows don't just slide open like Burger King, given that mentality.

  • Bartmeister Aug 9, 2013

    Remember licking those Green Stamps? Me either hardly. The banking institutions won't go away, but how they do business will eventually. I too remember when it was prestigious to be called a Vice President of a bank kinda like being a airline Captain.

    Nauti = I have seen situations in my past that make your 2 time bank robbery experiences look like a Gunsmoke episode, made up and well rehearsed. Do not assume what I have encountered, but can tell you when I've been involved in violent confrontations, I wasn't standing on carpet and behind a wooden counter. Your white collar situations make me laugh in contrast.

    Having said all of that, you can't deny anything in my previous posts. You know it's happening. If I were you I wouldn't like it either.

  • Danny919 Aug 9, 2013

    Very good images...

  • imsosorry Aug 9, 2013

    Nauti-dog, I like you

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Aug 9, 2013

    @bart, I can't consider a drive through as I have worked in a bank for seven years. Your shallowness is showing through big as day. As for banking in general, I have direct deposit, online banking, and mobile banking, all while promoting them. So, I'm not as archaeic as you ignorantly assumed. Delivery channels are becoming more digitilized and there will come a day when branch staff are next to obsolete but it won't happen in our lifetime. And by the way, YOU grow up. I'm grown