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Security heightened at Northampton school after threats

Posted January 15, 2013

— Extra security was in place Tuesday at Northampton County High School in Conway after authorities received threats overnight.

Eric Bracy, superintendent for Northampton County Schools, said the school system added three school resource officers and that the Northampton County Sheriff's Office assigned deputies to the school as a safety precaution.

Maj. Daryl Harmon, with the Northampton County Sheriff's Office, would not say what kind of threats prompted the extra security measures.

He said that investigators searched the school and found nothing to substantiate the threats.

Earlier reports indicated that the school had been on lockdown, but Bracy said that was not the case.

Security has been heightened at schools in North Carolina and across the country after 20 first-graders and six school staff were killed in a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.


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  • trianglerelic Jan 15, 2013

    The major difference between a Terrorist and a Prank Caller is that the terrorist doesn't call ahead to warn you. Wouldn't it have been Nice if the 9-11 terrorist had called the night before to warn authorities of their plans. Makes me wonder if any bomb threats are credible.. Does anyone have statistics on how many bomb threats turn out to be real?

  • romneycare Jan 15, 2013

    @Lucas turner, the previous article said they were lock down... the article now says there is extra security...

    From the original article, it seems like they received threats over night, let children in, then locked it down.... When I read the article again, it says it wasn't locked down. The original one said it was.

  • rekillya Jan 15, 2013

    The parents still have not been formally notified by the school. I knew because my daughter told me this morning but the school's automated system still has not called my phone.

  • Lucas Turner Jan 15, 2013

    In response to the first three posts. The threat came in overnight. The police had time to react before the school opened to investigate, question people, suspects, conduct searches etc. The school was found safe. The students were allowed in school. There was no lockdown as the situation had already been determined safe. Additional resource officers were on the scene as a deterrent and extra safety. You do not know what kind of threat it was. Could have been a gun, drugs, a threat, whatever. The situation was handled appropriately I am sure or the school would have closed. Get a grip.

  • LibertarianTechie Jan 15, 2013

    the students should never have been allowed in the school if the threats were made overnight.

  • Lamborghini Mercy Jan 15, 2013

    I think it's time to create felony charges and jail time for anyone person making threats to any public place. It's nothing short of domestic terrorism and should no longer be tolerated.

  • romneycare Jan 15, 2013

    Were the parents identified about this overnight or early in the morning?? What if some didnt want their children to be at school today?

  • coledurango Jan 15, 2013

    Northampton County High School in Conway was on lockdown Tuesday after authorities received threats overnight, the local sheriff's office said.

    If threats were made to authorities overnight why were kids even allowed at the school the next day?

  • romneycare Jan 15, 2013

    received threats over night.... waits for students to goto school then lockdown... Lol.