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Security Concerns Delay Powerball Drawing

Posted June 21, 2007

Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing was delayed six minutes because of a minor problem with security procedures.

According to a press release from the Multi-State Lottery Association, one of the 31 states involved in Powerball submitted inaccurate sales reports.

“The lotteries require absolute assurance that the computer records of the players’ tickets are complete, balanced and secure,” said Chuck Strutt, director of the Multi-State Lottery Association. “If we cannot get that assurance by draw time, then we delay the drawing until we are assured that every player’s ticket is properly recorded and secured. Nobody likes to delay a drawing for a big jackpot like this, but security never takes a backseat to public relations.”

Once the error was corrected, the drawing took place in front of a sheriff’s deputy and an internal auditor.

The winning numbers were 23, 31, 32, 37 and 55, and the Powerball was 35.

There were no jackpot winners for Wednesday night’s drawing. Saturday’s jackpot is now estimated at $89 million.


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  • parawife Jun 21, 2007

    are you kidding their aresome people so greedy that if they won a 60 million and it should have been 60 million and 10 dollors they would sue for their other ten dollors and get a court appointed attorney to do it.

  • raleighmatt Jun 21, 2007

    it's just an estimate bluebird, if you write it down I bet you'll see after the drawing (if someone wins) the actual amount might be slightly different than the estimate. (my guess is they estimate on the low end so nobody ever wins $58 million and then complains b/c the estimate was $60 million, though I'm sure some people in this country would do just that).

  • bluebird1075 Jun 21, 2007

    What I'd like to know is this. When they draw the numbers and no body wins, how do they already know how much the next drawing is going to be? I thought the amount was based on ticket sales and you have several days between drawings so tickets sales are going to add up until 10pm the next time they do the Powerball drawing.

  • OLD PIRATE Jun 21, 2007

    Chances of getting a bolt of lightning are far better odds.
    Want to help education? Send the state a check for education and take it off your taxes. win win...

  • shine Jun 21, 2007

    ncfishfinder..... you may be right, after all it is logical... And I will run my numbers tomorrow or Saturday I am sure.... There is one "known" ....... you cant win if you dont play
    That was a good point and unfortunatly the truth more than likely.

  • ncfishfinder Jun 21, 2007

    we sure wouldn't want them to inadvertantly pick a winning number. It is rigged, why else would it matter to them? They need to know what all the numbers are so their computer can pick a combo that doesn't exist. On rare ocassions it can't find a combo that hasn't been picked and you have a winner.

  • shine Jun 21, 2007

    Historians...... I see your point - it would be a long shot....... someone had it figured out before it got this big I guess. Probably why the states combined now as opposed to the state having its own like FLA and GA used too.

    Swisher........ I know everyone has mixed feelings about the lottery my own mothere wouldn't buy a ticket if I gave her the money. I play "Powerball" twice a week - everyweek some with my own numbers and some computer pick numbers. I am probably down worse than I could think if I kept a tally. I have won sometimes as much as a $100. I don't go out that much ....... just because I don't want to, so this is an "entertainment" for me. Although I understand that alot of people are skeptical of the lottery. Its kinda like buying a raffle ticket from the fire department or getting a ticket for a door prize at a dinner. There is always that chance... I am so unlucky ... I just play every week to guarantee that I lost.

  • swisher1 Jun 21, 2007

    This lottery business still brings up bad thoughts in my mind. It is fueled by the human greed factor and people will do just about anything to "get a piece of that action." I have never won a dime off the computer-generated tickets - never even matched but 1 number at best. The odds are so astronomical and I'm never that lucky. I'd rather spend my money on a newspaper or give it to my church or something worthwhile that I can have in my hand. Lotteries are hand-made for foolish dreamers and the State thrives on our stupidity of simply handing over our hard-earned money to them to throw away and waste on lining the pockets of people like Kevin Geddings, Black and the rest of the lying NC politicians and lottery officials. I try to stay the heck away from it!

  • Historians_XI Jun 21, 2007

    Well, I agree that it would be hard to be 100% accurate down to the wire because of last minute sales, but number combos picked would be accumulating for days, and based on what they knew at the time of the drawing the odds would be in their favor, with nothing to lose.

  • shine Jun 21, 2007

    Historians...... I seen what you are saying but it would take some "StarTrek, StarWars " hardrive to determine a no winner in 31 states.