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Security breach could affect accounts at State Employees Credit Union

Posted January 25, 2009
Updated January 26, 2009

— The North Carolina State Employees Credit Union is sending new credit cards and personal identification numbers to members after a national credit card processing company reported a security breach.

Heartland Payment Systems is a national Visa processor for over 250,000 merchants including hotels, restaurants and retailers.

SECU receives card transactions through Visa, which receives the transactions from Heartland.

The credit union said the decision to issue new cards was a precaution and does not mean accounts have had unauthorized activity. It is also urging account holders to monitor activity on credit and debit accounts.

Cards that may have been affected will be de-activated on Feb. 9. 


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  • dougdeep Jan 27, 2009

    TheAdmiral, let me break it down...

    Heartland is a merchant services company, they interact with merchants. Therefore the question isn't who you do your banking with, but where do you shop?

  • AMazeder Jan 26, 2009

    The WRAL article states, "SECU receives card transactions through Visa, which receives the transactions from Heartland." A-N-Y financial institution that issues VISA cards to its customers / members could potentially receive transactions from Heartland.

  • TheAdmiral Jan 26, 2009


    "Security breach at Heartland Payment Systems could affect accounts at any and all banks."


  • teachnow Jan 26, 2009

    As has been stated, it is not just SECU affected. I have an account there and have not heard from them, but my daughter did. I do bank with KS bank and they called Thursday to tell me they had "hotcarded" my debit card for this security reason. I feel that I will get a letter today from SECU. Headline, not only on WRAL but other stations as well is very misleading.

  • dougdeep Jan 26, 2009

    So this really has nothing to do with SECU vs other banks?

    Lame story.

    I have a CFCU account, and they better pay more interest for the lack of services and a decent web interface.

  • ignc73 Jan 26, 2009

    Coastal Federal Credit Union: 5.0% interest. :)

  • Funky Neighbor LEE Jan 26, 2009

    Wachovia Money Market: 0.29% interest paid.

    SECU Money Market: 3.0% interest paid.

    Love the SECU

  • Lissa13082 Jan 26, 2009

    ArmyMom - it's actually really easy with SECU. I had some unauthorized activity on my account and all I did was print out a copy of my statement and take it up there to them and fill out a form with my signature saying that I did not authorize it and my money was put back in my account a couple days later.

  • Justin T. Jan 26, 2009

    After reading the comments I have now decided that SECU employees, primarily those in customer service, are 100% to blame. I will be cancelling all of my accounts and filing a lawsuit with the attorney general.

    Just kidding.

    Thanks to several posters for clarifying the situation. WRAL, maybe think about reworking this article to more accurately describe the overall risk to Visa cardholders and praise SECU for being proactive.

  • HappyGirl08 Jan 26, 2009

    NCGuy...thank you! All employees thank you. :-)