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Secretary: Keep military slayings in perspective

Posted August 12, 2008

— Army Secretary Pete Geren said Tuesday that the military is working to prevent tragedies like the slayings of two female soldiers stationed at Fort Bragg.

"I think it's important to keep these tragedies in perspective," Geren said during a visit to a military trade show. "We've got 1.2 (million to) 1.3 million men and women in uniform – extraordinary men and women serving around the world with great distinction – and every so often a tragedy like this strikes, and we do our best to avert it."

Spc. Megan Touma was found dead in a Fayetteville motel room on June 21. A Fort Bragg soldier who fathered her unborn child has been charged with murder.

Second Lt. Holley Wimunc's burned remains were found in Onslow County on July 13, three days after a suspicious fire was reported at her Fayetteville apartment. Her estranged husband, a Camp Lejeune Marine, has been charged with murder.


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  • MSgt J Aug 14, 2008

    asbrown, How could you say something so ignorant? I have been a US Marine for nearly 22 years and am still serving just so people such as yourself can voice their ignorant opinions. Military personnel are trained to do a variety of jobs and yes killing is part of the job for anyone in combat arms. I would hope that the armed forces never stops training killers. If so how do we defend our country. As for Marines we are no different than any other service when it comes to killing. We fight side by side with the Army, Navy and Air Force. Our life mission is not to kill but to protect our country and its way of life. This is stated in Article 1 of the Code of Conduct which by the way applies to all US Armed Forces. To assume that all Marines have a life mission of killing is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. But hey speak your mind I help defend your right to do so.

    Semper Fi

  • downtownbrown Aug 12, 2008

    People who are trained to kill are killers. Let's not sugarcoat this. Marines are particularly dangerous, since their life mission is to kill. I call them psychotics, but I'm sure some of my fellow Americans would gladly call me unpatriotic for saying so.