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Second student arrested in shooting on N.C. State campus

Posted July 30, 2008
Updated July 31, 2008

— North Carolina State campus police arrested Whitney Blakeney Wednesday in relation to the shooting Monday morning near the Wolf Village apartments.

She is charged with accessory after the fact.

Blakeney, 19, a sophomore at the university, was also charged with maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of selling marijuana, a charge that carries an automatic expulsion from university housing. She has been banned from university property.

Blakeney becomes the fourth person charged in a crime that police believe is gang-related.

Another N.C. State sophomore, Ryan Barnes, 20, and two men, Leroy Barnes Jr., 19, and Terrell Grimes, 16, were charged Tuesday with attempted murder and assault. All were in jail under $1 million bonds.

Police said a man was shot in the stomach and a woman shot in the foot while sitting under a campus gazebo early Monday. The believe the man was the target.


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  • mojomonique Jul 31, 2008

    Just because Ryan, Leroy and the 16 year old are gang members does not mean they shot this man/boy.

  • mojomonique Jul 31, 2008

    Yes I feel bad for them because I kno they are innocent of all charges against them. Whitney does not sale drugs and ryan did not shoot anyone. But I will continue to pray and all of this will come to the light.

  • IdoNOTliveinDurham Jul 31, 2008

    Monique, I know you feel terrible for your friend but the facts are the facts. The young men posted on a public site themselves where the gang attire, dope was found in her residence(University Property) and there was an attempted murder she was tied to with the major defendents.

  • gto77 Jul 31, 2008

    Hope these bad choices don't mess their lives up for good...

  • Dolphan Jul 31, 2008

    Well on the bright side, I won't have to compete with these few young college grads in the job market...the glass is half full!!

  • Bob Sidel Jul 31, 2008

    affirmative action at its finest

  • seanboyus Jul 31, 2008

    You just knew somebody would pull the affirmative action card. Affirmative action isn't just for blacks and minorities. It helps Dale the redneck from Scotland Neck that went to a school of 250 students compete with those kids that went to a Charlotte Latin. And trust me, NC State's not getting any easier to get in. None of the schools are. It's getting more and more competitive. And those kids that say they got this and didn't get in are typically lying about their record. Even schools that used to be easy to get in are harder to get in like UNCW, with the influx of northerners do you really think NC State would turn down the out of state fees for someone of equal or smarter build to fulfill some quota?
    As for the kids, no matter how smart we thing they are they are young and emotional creatures, as are young women. I've seen smarter white girls do worse for love or infatuation. I've also known white, black and even asians sell weed to pay for school. Gangs are for idiots!

  • rogerkneebend Jul 31, 2008

    Just about anybody can get into N.C. State these days. It's nowhere near as difficult as UNC or Duke. NC State actually used to have a lot more prestige than it does now.

  • GinkgoPhyta Jul 31, 2008

    "Well guess what??? I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THEY ARE SMART."

    Well, I know one of them was not smart enough to realize that having pictures of flashing gang signs, posting about clatting someone (shooting someone that "annoys" you), and posting about the Dirt gang on Myspace and Facebook was not a good idea. I do not know about Whitney, but leaving that stuff all over the internet is not the smartest thing.

    Additionally, shooting someone is not the smartest thing either....especially when it isn't in defense. You have to realize that people on here are basing their opinions on what happened and all the information Ryan and his cousin (I think) posted on their Myspace and Facebook.

  • ech Jul 31, 2008

    affirmative action at it's best.