Second ad by conservative group praises McCrory

Posted October 26, 2015

Gov. Pat McCrory listens on 10/12/15 as DMV Commissioner  Kelly Thomas explains new procedures used at DMV offices to improve customer service.

— The second television ad salvo of the 2016 gubernatorial campaign is hitting the airwaves this week, close on the heels of the first ad of the year.

Real Jobs NC, a conservative nonprofit group that helped Republicans win control of the General Assembly in 2010 and keep it in 2012, has a new ad up praising Gov. Pat McCrory.

"Thanks to Gov. McCrory and conservatives in the legislature, North Carolina's back on track," the ad says.

It's unclear how much Real Jobs is spending in total on the ad. Bob Rosser, a campaign consultant for the group, says it has bought one week's worth of ads in the Raleigh market with the potential for more.

"I don't know how big we're going to go, but we're going to continue it for a little while," he said.

Public records available Monday night showed the group had spent at least $24,500 on ads in the Raleigh market on two television stations, including WRAL.

"We just wanted to get a good, positive message out about the good things the new leadership in the state is doing," Rosser said.


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  • Tom Boswell Oct 28, 2015
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    Really Jeff, Republicans destroying the state. Some more FACTS. With Democrats responsible before McCrory, we had a 2.5 billion dollar deficit. At the time it was the countries fifth largest. Our employment rate was 9.5% and ranked us a laughing stock 47th. Our overall tax burden rated us the 7th highest in the country according to the Tax Foundations web site. Our teachers were paid at a rate of the 46th highest. We owed the federal Government 2.5 billion in unemployment benefits. This is the Democratic destruction.

  • Tom Boswell Oct 28, 2015
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    Some more FACTS, Jeff. Since McCrory took office the U6 unemployment rate which the N&O stated is the most realistic has dropped by 4.1% which is the 3rd largest decrease in the country. When he took office we ranked 44th and today we are 32nd in the U6 rate.

  • Tom Boswell Oct 28, 2015
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    When McCrory took office our employment rate was 9.5% and ranked us a laughing stock 47th. Today our unemployment has dropped to 5.8% which ranks us 35th. The drop of 3.7% since McCrory took office represents the second largest drop in the country. According to the Gallup job creation index we were ranked 43rd in 2013 based on the Democrats 2012 policies. In one year under Republican control we are now ranked 30th. Sorry Jeff for all the FACTS!!!!

  • Jeff Herring Oct 27, 2015
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    What a bad joke! the GOP is responsible for gutting jobs, not creating jobs. Million dollar payoffs for corporations and hatred for the poor, the elderly and disabled. They destroyed solar jobs, healthcare jobs and government jobs to pay off the corporate bribes they receive in the guise of campaign contributions.
    They kick you when you are down and suck up to you when you are rich, They are destroying this state.

  • Timothy Watson Oct 27, 2015
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    Lowering the amount one can get from unemployment and the shorter time period one gets is helping who? No one benefited except people in office of the state gov`t. It sure did not help those who needed it the most ! Especially during the roughest period of unemployment not seen in years in the US. We (the US) were shedding over 700,000 & up per month and what does this state gov`t do? they cut unemployment, yeah, vote these people out of office!!!

  • Paul Maxwell Oct 27, 2015
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    Nice piece of satire there, Charlie

  • Jay Tanenbaum Oct 27, 2015
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    I like the part about lowering unemployment. What the ad conveniently omits is the part about shortening how long someone can be on unemployment since the Repubs took over. This of course will lower it because of folks not counting when not receiving UE benefits. Isn't this what the Repubs say about President Obama?

  • Randy Riddle Oct 27, 2015
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    The news article probably should have noted that the major donors to Real Jobs NC, according to, are the Republican Governor's Association, the Republican State Leadership Committee, tobacco company Reynolds American, and Art Pope's Variety Wholesalers. Not saying what donors support these non-profits doesn't really tell much of a story except that an ad was run.

  • Charlie Watkins Oct 27, 2015
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    I think Gov McCrory has done a good job considering the mess left behind by Perdue and Easley. It has been a hard struggle for the Governor in trying to bring the ship of state back on course. It hurts when you have to correct runaway spending but in the end the taxpayers will benefit.

    Bless Governor McCrory for his strength and commitment in helping North Carolina become a beacon of good government throughout the entire country.

  • Dolly Butler Oct 26, 2015
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    What would you expect? But, let's talk about the Sales Tax and the damage it does ...please ..