Season 2 of 'Superstore' premieres Thursday on NBC

Posted September 22, 2016

— The new season of "Superstore" premieres Thursday on NBC, and the people behind the comedy series say there will be more plot twists and turns than ever this fall.

America Ferrera from "Ugly Betty" and Ben Feldmen from "Mad Men" star in this workplace comedy that tells the story of a close-knit group of employees who work in a large superstore. Ferrera plays Amy, a loyal worker who holds the store and its staff together, and Feldman plays Jonah, a new hire with a sense of humor and big dreams.

"We all hang out outside of work. We're one big, happy family," said actor Nick Santos, who plays Mateo, another store associate.

Producers say "Superstore" is the most fun you'll ever have in a big box store. But between all the light-hearted laughs, the new season will tackle some hard-hitting issues like teen pregnancy, gun rights and the "morning after" pill.

Behind the scenes, the cast didn't reveal much about the premiere. Mark McKinney, who plays Glenn, the store's clueless store manager, was scared he would give something away.

"I don’t know what we’re allowed to say," joked McKinney. "Do you know? If only there was somebody from NBC here who could tell us. I don’t know. We’re just left alone for these things!"

The cast is obviously just as silly off-set as they are on-camera.

"America breaks a lot," revealed Lauren Ash. In "Superstore," Ash takes on the role of Dina, the store's cranky assistant manager. "While we were shooting a recent scene, she collapsed and was hugging me. I kept acting as she was laughing into my armpit!"

The actors did reveal how neat the "Superstore" set is. They say the set is full of toys, sporting goods and clothes, just like a real superstore. Even the electronics are the real thing.

"Sometimes, though, you’ll be stumbling across something and go, is this a real product, and it’ll be something fake the art department came up," said McKinney.

"Superstore" was created and written by Justin Spitzer of "The Office," and actors say the two shows are very similar.

"This show is so relatable," said Colton Dunn, who plays Garrett. "I think that’s what a lot of people liked about "The Office," and I love that we get that comparison while sticking to our own voice."

Season 2 of "Superstore" premieres Thursday at 8/7c.


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