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Immigrants plan May Day rallies buoyed...
Immigrant groups and their allies have joined forces to carry out marches, rallies and protests in cities nationwide next week to mark May Day, saying...
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Uber self-driving car exec steps aside...
The executive running Uber's self-driving car division is stepping aside while the company defends itself against charges that he provided the project...
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Ransomware: Tips to stay safe
Regular file backup one solution to...
According to security experts, as you read this, someone somewhere is clicking a link in a spam email or activating macros in a malicious document....
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YouTube ad boycott could spell trouble...
YouTube's inability to keep big-brand ads off unsavory videos is threatening to transform a rising star in Google's digital family into a problem...
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Retailers and insurers get taxed more,...
To understand taxes, you have to think about geography. Don't worry, this will make sense eventually.
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Business Highlights
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Willow Pond in Harkers Island
Google Earth timelapse shows changing NC...
Now, thanks to Google Earth's Timelapse feature, people can watch how much the state's coast has changed in the last approximately 30 years.
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I caught my child looking at pornography - now what?
I caught my child looking at pornography...
Many parents find their child viewing pornography, and are faced with scary questions and concerns. Here's what to do.
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Theme parks: Comcast's...
One of Comcast's fastest-growing businesses hasn't been selling cable or internet subscriptions — or making movies and TV shows, or selling TV ads....
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Swagbucks Snack Code Extravaganza
Swagbucks Extravaganza TODAY: Code until...
The Swagbucks Snack Code Extravaganza takes place today, Wednesday, 4/26 & you can score an extra 40 SB points throughout the day! If you are new to...
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FCC chief lays out attack on 'net...
Internet companies are readying for a showdown with a Republican-controlled government over a policy near and dear to their hearts: net neutrality.
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Review: The Whistles and the Bells'...
The Whistles and the Bells, "Modern Plagues" (New West)
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Small businesses can feel bigger effects...
Halfway through Valentine's Day, florist Ajay Kori realized he was in the midst of a disaster.
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This Instagram artist is editing Disney characters into celebrity photos
This Instagram artist is editing Disney...
Andhika Mukskin, who has more than 34,900 followers on Instagram, posted a slew of the photos on his page recently.
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Update on the latest in business:
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Wells Fargo faces shareholders, protesters at annual meeting
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FCA, Google begin offering rides in...
Fiat Chrysler and Google for the first time will offer rides to the public in the self-driving vehicles they are building under an expanding...
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Virtual reality, apps add interactivity...
More musicians are using new technology, including 360-degree cameras, virtual reality musical experiences and vertical videos, to reach the...
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The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store
App Store Official Charts for the week ending April 23, 2017:
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Nasdaq above 6,000...US home prices rose at the fastest pace in nearly 3...
Profits are climbing for companies, and so are their stock prices. More big businesses joined the earnings parade Tuesday, saying they earned even...
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Google targets 'fake news,'...
Google has sprinkled some new ingredients into its search engine in an effort to prevent bogus information and offensive suggestions from souring its...
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Art of Cool Festival
Art of Cool Fest offers mix of free...
Taking over downtown Durham this weekend, the ticketed event will feature headliners Common, Rakim, George Clinton and Revive Big Band.
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Companies decry Trump plan to eliminate...
More than 1,000 U.S. companies, including some of the nation's largest manufacturers, are urging Congress to preserve the 25-year-old Energy Star...
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