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Search continues for missing Harnett girl

Posted April 3, 2009

— Harnett County authorities continue to search for six year old Ca'zhia McMillan along the Little River, Maj. Gary C. McNeill said Friday.

Ca'zhia was playing with a friend last March 24 when she apparently fell into the water. The first-grader at Anderson Creek Primary School hasn't been seen since.

County personnel ride the river in boats daily and the state Highway Patrol has flown over the area when the weather was clear, according to a release from the sheriff's office.

The Lower Little River has been at level several feet higher than normal after recent rainfalls, making a search by divers unsafe.

The sheriff's office reiterated Friday that they "have no reason to believe that the incident did not occur exactly the way it was reported by the witness."


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  • jlpev Apr 3, 2009

    For those wanting to know what resources have been used on the river for this search, read this article from the Daily Record: http://www.dunndailyrecord.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=105906&TM=69940.66
    For those planning to search tomorrow -- be EXTREMELY careful. The river has dropped about four feet in three days and the "banks" are really boggy.

  • moonlitbeauty07 Apr 3, 2009

    This little girl is actually the cousin of my friend and I'm just asking everyone to pray for her & her family. Thank you.

  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Apr 3, 2009

    " why has the mother not searched "

    good question, indeed. and to all your comments, longhorns, i am following right along.

    " Would have been nice if WRAL mentioned the search effort starting tomorrow, courtesy of GOLO members.... "

    yes, it would have been nice, but, unfortunately, again, it's not centered around the triangle (jmho)

  • Godschild43 Apr 3, 2009

    Nice to knnow we have people from golo that will be searching for this child.

  • LongHorns Apr 3, 2009

    why has the mother not searched

  • LongHorns Apr 3, 2009

    cragan you think she might have got caught up on something in the creek,would have divers found her though

  • cragan Apr 3, 2009

    It is very likely that she is still within 200ft of were she went in the water actally. With them not finding anything for 72 hours she is hung snag

  • fatchanceimwrong Apr 3, 2009

    It does seem odd that they haven't found her by now. I wouldn't have thought a body would be swept too far. Is the family actively looking or are they still sitting on the porch while others search?

  • 2alegal Apr 3, 2009

    This child is long gone from this area with the rain and swift current. They need to check further away. Hopefully the mother will assist in the search.

  • LongHorns Apr 3, 2009

    Maybe i'am being a little outa sorts, but does anyone else find it odd they have not found that girl yet. Could there be more to it. Just a thought