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Scotland Neck police officer accused of domestic violence

Posted June 1, 2010
Updated June 2, 2010

— A Scotland Neck law enforcement officer is facing charges of domestic violence.

Halifax County sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday evening arrested Bruce Wayne Terry at a home on N.C. Highway 48, according to Lt. Chuck Hasty.

Terry was charged with domestic violence and resisting and obstructing officers. He was also served a domestic violence protection order, Hasty said.

Terry is a part-time Scotland Neck police officer and also works at a weigh station at the Nash-Halifax County line, Hasty said.

He was being held in jail without bond.


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  • sabol100 Jun 3, 2010

    Journey - no more questions. Don't be so defensive all the time. We all have our opinions...just like other things. Get a grip. Have an opinion without putting down others or name calling.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 2, 2010

    and I bet you 100% support his wife who could have kicked, beat, punched, bit, and whatever else to him but when he touched her, he got arrested....but in your world, he would be at fault because hes in law enforcement.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 2, 2010

    anitov...good point! Apprantly he does not know how to understand your point otherwise he wouldn't have commented any further.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 2, 2010

    I love how you talk about us throwing sticks and stones...and you are not throwing sticks and stones? really? wow....you get all defensive but yet you are talking about your own self. hang up your golo hat buddy.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 2, 2010

    Journey is getting all defensive...wow...proving that yet again, you are a cop basher! woo hoo...I love it. I can't wait for the next cop story.

  • Journey985 Jun 2, 2010

    Thank you oh so much Leo-nc and LoveSomeGolo for effortlessly proving my point, that when there is a story about a LEO gone bad, that you will always be there to throw sticks and stones at those that scare you with their maturity and common sense. Now, back to the story at hand, Yet ANOTHER LEO breaking the law and making the rest of the LEO's look bad, thus prompting a multitude of feelings here on Golo, I bet you two think the SHP that killed two innocent people while chasing down a speeder at 120MPH was in the right too huh?

  • leo-nc Jun 2, 2010

    "Journey really works at a fast food joint with WiFi so when he is not looking up women he can't have, he is on Golo.."----

    hahaha, good one. I like it. Probably true, too... Would you like fries with that?

  • Whatever Geez Jun 2, 2010

    Journey really works at a fast food joint with WiFi so when he is not looking up women he can't have, he is on Golo...

  • leo-nc Jun 2, 2010

    You don't have to explain yourself to me Journey. But someday you will have to explain it on the job as to why you cost them so much money and do no work. Hate it for ya buddy.

  • Journey985 Jun 2, 2010

    Funny how I do not see your name on other stories that I post on Leo-nc....care to explain that? All you go out looking for are LEO's in trouble stories trying to support them blindly.