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School systems facing drastic budget cuts

Posted April 27, 2010
Updated April 28, 2010

— Johnston County Schools will have to eliminate 113 teaching positions next year because of budget cuts, a district spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Terri Sessoms said the cuts are state-driven but that it was unclear what the shortfall would be for the superintendent's 2010-11 budget until the state and county determine their allocations.

The district also plans to eliminate 12.5 custodian positions and two assistant principal positions.

Despite the job eliminations, as well as a $500,000 cut in spending on teaching assistants, Johnston County Schools has requested more than $57 million from the county and state – an $895,530 increase from the current fiscal year.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is also anticipating at least $5 million in cuts from its budget for the next fiscal year that could result in cuts to programs and services and job eliminations, officials said.

Proposed cost-saving measures include increasing class sizes, reducing athletics, eliminating some teaching assistants and making some full-time employees part-time.


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  • mulecitybabe Apr 27, 2010

    Plenty Cous, I think everybody deserves a good basic education. It's just that the schools have taken social engineering to a new high, and waste a lot of money they don't have. I've got no problem with paying taxes to educate kids, but I object when my money is being used to babysit little felons and teach illegals to speak English. And for people to think my taxes should go up because they decided to have kids (whether it be for welfare or schools), well, I disagree. I don't think they paid that much for me to be educated. Either I learned it or I flunked out. And free lunches should be chips and peanut butter sammies. Good, nutritious, and cheap.

  • Plenty Coups Apr 27, 2010


    Resource officers are police.

  • Plenty Coups Apr 27, 2010

    "Hey Zoom, I live in Johnston Co and I decided to do without kids. So why should my "sins" cost more so you're kids can go to school? Why don't all you parents pay a little more and leave the rest of us out of it?"

    Who paid for your education? Is it better to have an uneducated population?

  • Plenty Coups Apr 27, 2010

    Panthers fan-We saw cuts last year also. Hard to swallow when the private sector still managed to give raises to over half their employees last year. Read the WorldatWork survey:

  • beagoodperson3 Apr 27, 2010


  • capgray Apr 27, 2010

    FYI, I DON'T KNOW A TEACHER WHO DOESN'T WORK OVER 8 HOURS A DAY, AND MOST DON'T GET A LUNCH BREAK EITHER. We are with our children from the time the get off the bus until they get home, in some cases we are with them more than their own parents.

    What we need to do is pray for the children still in school and teachers because, the cuts are going to happen, and the kids are going to suffer. Class size is already high and it doesn't look like it is going down.
    As a teacher and parent it is dishearting to see comments diregarding teachers and assistants. These are the people in the trenches everyday trying to educate THE FUTURE.

  • mulecitybabe Apr 27, 2010

    Time to raise the “sin” taxes and if people don’t want to pay them then they can do without cigarettes and alcohol. zoom

    Hey Zoom, I live in Johnston Co and I decided to do without kids. So why should my "sins" cost more so you're kids can go to school? Why don't all you parents pay a little more and leave the rest of us out of it?

  • Plenty Coups Apr 27, 2010

    koolady-"We spend way too much on education and salaries. Get back to basics and discipline. Teacher unions have indoctrinated us to believe that they are overworked and underpaid. Must be nice to work less than 7 hours a day and less that 200 days per year."

    LOL. Actually this is offensive since its not true. Teachers are REQUIRED to work 8 hours per day in addition to grading papers and "non-instructional" duties such as carpool lanes, after school tutoring, mentoring, academic clubs, sports games, dances, meetings, parent meetings, detentions, driving buses etc. It adds up and its unpaid in Johnston County. Yes, we do get two months off in the summer but its unpaid. Lastly, there is no real union in NC with collective bargaining ability and the ability to strike. Maybe that's why teachers are paid around 5-10,000 dollars less than other college graduates even allowing for the two months off in summer. Get real.

  • PanthersFan45 Apr 27, 2010

    It's about time we started seeing cuts. In the private sector companies must cut and streamline to survive, not borrow money or tax people. Government should be the same. If the money is not there , it's not there, you lay people off, plain and simple. No one said life was fair or downsizing was pretty. Get your resume ready and set up some profiles on careerbuilder, monster ... etc .... Good Luck

  • Here kitty kitty Apr 27, 2010

    FYI to the person about assistants and degrees: I was a ta and didn't have a degree, so unless they've changed that's not true.