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School resource officer assaulted

Posted September 24, 2008
Updated September 25, 2008

— At least seven students assaulted a school resource officer at Southern Nash High School early Wednesday, authorities said.

The unidentified Nash County deputy works at the high school and was attacked by the students in the bus parking area before classes Wednesday, authorities said. The scuffle broke out when one of the students refused the deputy's order to go to the principal's office, authorities said.

Four students were arrested on a variety of charges, including inciting a riot, assault inflicting serious bodily injury on a government official, disorderly conduct and simple assault. They were being held in the Nash County Jail.

Their names haven't been released.

The deputy was treated at Nash General Hospital and released, authorities said. He was expected to miss about six weeks of work.


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  • all4teaching Oct 1, 2008

    I bet if the first kid would have given the officer the bandanna, ACCORDING TO SCHOOL POLICY, instead of cursing at him, then none of it would have happened in the first place. And I bet if that kid's brother hadn't FIRST assaulted the officer when he went to get that bandanna, then the officer wouldn't have grabbed him at all. And I'm just guessing here, but I bet when the officer tripped over the bench while trying to apprehend the student who had assaulted him, and seven or eight other guys had NOT jumped on him (the officer), then his gun never would have left his holster. You weren't the only one there who saw the WHOLE thing. The parents of those students should be grateful for the amount of restraint demonstrated by that officer! May he recover quickly, so that he can get back to doing his job... just like he was that day!

  • njeffords Sep 29, 2008

    the thing that happened at that school, well yall were not told the whole story . ya the student should of went to the office but. the officer had no right putting his hands around the boys neck. and thats what started it all. and plus the officer tripped over the bench at the school. and what would of happened if the cop shot someone who was standing outside the crowd when he was waving the gun at everyone. and i should know what happened i was in the crowd watching it all.

  • AtALost Sep 26, 2008

    The problem isn't just 'people of color', it's the people who have little or nothing or are just spoiled so they are angry and their only response is violence. Unfortunately, we can't control who has children. And while responsible parents only have kids they can afford, there are many who don't worry about how they'll support their kids. They live in squalor around other angry kids and learn violence as a way of dealing with things. SROs should have mace and tasers to make up for the lack of parenting and discipline.

  • lorivalentine1 Sep 26, 2008

    Who would'nt be proud of the fine young people being produced these days..
    Educators and any one who works in schools do what they can to provide a safe productive envoronment. The responsibility lies with the parents to teach kids respect and desclipline which many do not have these days. I remember a time when if I mis behaved at school I was not worried what would happen at school but what would happen when I got home.

  • VT1994Hokie Sep 26, 2008

    Based on my many readings regarding topics from A-Z on GOLO, I have concluded that some parents need to spend more time educating your children, and not write comments on this humble thing called GOLO.

    Some need to stop hating people in education that are truly trying to do a quality job. If some of you haters would get a grip and trust the educators, then your child may learn to become more productive in the classroom. Seven students assaulted an officer. What else can you say? PARENTS. Where are you?

  • VT1994Hokie Sep 26, 2008

    Newswake. Learn how to spell.

    There is not a school system in NC where SRO's can discriminate against students. If they do, then they have a weak Adm.

    I have been a teacher, coach, high school principal, and Asst. Supt., all across the state. Some of you don't have a clue about what goes on in education today.

    First. The bad kids come from disfunctionl families for the most part. But, there are many students that come from rich families that are thugs too.

    Nash County may not be the worst in the state, based upon the fact that I have worked in some tough schools systems. My SRO's at one school, with over 2400 students were the backbone of our school. They were doing their job every hour each day. I thank God for having them helping the Adm. keep law and order.

    If you have not taught a class, earned a degree in education, and hardly ever visited a classroom, then you don't know JACK. Parents are the real reason that schools are having such a tough time.

  • whatusay Sep 26, 2008

    Nash County...that explains it all. The most violent, racially unstable county in the state. Most believe someone owes them something. All the thriving industries that were once in Nash County have closed their doors and left people on welfare. And you know what that leads to - children being born as a means of income.

  • EZeegoing Sep 26, 2008

    "these so called SRO's aint nothing but intimadating our children. they have a certain prison gaurd mentality that discriminates against people of color. they started this battle and our young children were left to fight it alone."

    And what would you suggest as a means of keeping order in our schools, countering drug trafficing, protecting the teaching staff from thugs ?? I'll bet your little Susy would be safe as a lamb in a fox den.

  • newwake Sep 26, 2008

    these so called SRO's aint nothing but intimadating our children. they have a certain prison gaurd mentality that discriminates against people of color. they started this battle and our young children were left to fight it alone.

    Just pathetic! I dont know what else to say. If its not the white people, its the police, blah blah blah! People grow up!
    If you act decent, you'll be treated decently. If you want respect, then earn it first...nothing should be handed out.

  • emtp2k Sep 26, 2008

    THE SRO should have tased the individuals and then they wouldn't have been assaulting the officer. It's high time we put the blame in this society in the place it's due with the criminals. The criminal for some reason is now seen as the victim. Clearly it's time to unhandcuff our law enforcement and allow them to do their job. They are so afraid to do their job many times they are afraid to defend themselves.