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School officer assaulted, uses Taser on student

Posted October 1, 2008
Updated October 2, 2008

— A school resource officer at Middle Creek High School used a Taser to subdue a student accused of assaulting the officer Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Sean Elrod, 16, was charged with assault on a government official in the incident.

The school resource officer – a Cary police officer assigned to Middle Creek High, 123 Middle Creek Park Ave. – was in a school office with a ninth-grade student at about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday when the student assaulted the officer, said Michael Evans, spokesman for the Wake County school system. The officer then stunned the student with a Taser, Evans said.

Evans would not say if the police officer was a man or a woman. The school's Web site lists a Michael Anderson as school resource officer, but shows it was last updated in February.

Both the officer and the student were taken to WakeMed for treatment of minor injuries.

Cary Police Chief Pat Bazemore issued a statement Thursday supporting the officer's use of the Taser.

“This is a exactly the type of situation we purchased the Taser for, and while it is unfortunate this student was injured, we are very pleased that the officer who was attacked had this tool to defend himself with,” the statement said.


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  • Coach K is GREAT Oct 3, 2008

    sros are nothing but lil bushs way of repressing peeple of color. the plan is to descentitze minoritys so you know woo staes on top
    GOLO member since September 26, 2008
    October 2, 2008 4:08 p.m.
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    UUUMMM... can you try and say that again????

  • djcnty8 Oct 3, 2008

    Looks like the SRO is going to keep his job! I know all the people wanting him to be fired are going to be so disappointed.

    Someone said it earlier and maybe some of you naysayers should take this advice and check it out. Do a ride-a-long with a police officer. See what it is like from their point of view. I am almost willing to bet your opinion of these people that put their own life on the line to protect you everyday might change.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Oct 2, 2008

    "sros are nothing but lil bushs way of repressing peeple of color. the plan is to descentitze minoritys so you know woo staes on top
    - stopthehaters"

    I see you have not completely recovered from your tazer experience. "Desensitize", "stays", and "minorities" are how those are spelled. Perhaps less time imbibing in lunatic conspiracy theories and more time addressing spelling, grammar, punctuation, and related academic topics is in order my friend.

  • familyfour Oct 2, 2008

    zapzapzap. I just zapped you lol lol
    Dr. Dataclerk

    You are so full of the drama. What goes around does come around. Hence, the tazered kid at school.

    Do you think you are the only person who is supposed to be able to speak their mind here? I was just wondering. Anytime you see me on a blog, you find it necessary to go to my profile and leave ugly comments. Why not save the trouble of me putting it out there for ya, and do it yourself. I'm not ashamed of anything you have said. Are you? Hope you have a lovely drive home....

  • Adelinthe Oct 2, 2008

    stopthehaters - "sros are nothing but lil bushs way of repressing peeple of color."

    Your statement contradicts your name.

    Bush had nothing to do with putting SROs in NC schools; he's got bigger fish to fry than a little school in Cary, NC.


    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • LucyS Oct 2, 2008

    Justin T. - Good one! Issue one to every teacher! Or better yet, offer free parenting lessons at night.

  • LucyS Oct 2, 2008

    Dakota, I understand it's your friend and nobody likes to see a friend get in trouble, BUT your friend has no right to EVER touch another person, with or without a weapon. The officers are there to protect YOU. It's their job to subdue anyone who acts out violently. There's no way to justify what your friend did. The officer does not deserve to be fired, but your friend does deserve to be suspended from school. Let's be objective here and try to learn something, rather than jump to someone's defense just because you know them. Wisdom will come with age, just wait :)

  • Trublue in Wake County Oct 2, 2008

    Stopthehaters - want some cheese with that whine?? looks as if a little more time at the BLACK board (yup, I capitalized it for you) may pay off with that grammer problem. Remember the bill to make ebonics an official subject was defeated along time ago....

  • Trublue in Wake County Oct 2, 2008

    If I know Donnie like I know Donnie here is what will actually happen:

    Deputy will NOT be suspended - it was a simple use of non-lethal force no different than CAPSTUN.

    Parents can yell lawsuit all they want and will spend a boatload of money for losing.

    Child will have to just deal with being "traumatized." Too bad so sad.

    The deputy will STILL be in the school and WILL shock your little smart-mouth again should you decide that you need to be jolted back into reality.

    WCPSS will shrug their shoulders and state "Why do you think we fund the SRO program to begin with...Don't like it? try home schooling."

    How do I know all of this? As I previously stated - I was a successful SRO within Wake County with more prosecuted and convicted arrest then all three SRO's before me combined for three school years - within one school year.

    Once again - there is a reason we are in the school and that reason was just proven.

  • stopthehaters Oct 2, 2008

    sros are nothing but lil bushs way of repressing peeple of color. the plan is to descentitze minoritys so you know woo staes on top