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School Employee Charged With Embezzlement

Posted July 30, 2007

— A former Wake County Public School System employee surrendered to authorities Monday morning after being charged last week with one count of embezzlement.

Marva Charlayna Baker, 35, of 4408 Canadian Court in Raleigh, was arrested for allegedly stealing $24,269.74 from the school system over a several-year period

Initial reports from the Wake County Magistrate's Office indicated Baker was a cafeteria worker at West Millbrook Middle School, but school system spokesman Michael Evans said she was a secretary and bookkeeper at the school.

She had worked for the district from March 2000 until March 2006, which was when school system officials discovered the money was missing. Raleigh police said it was the result of a routine audit.

Baker, who has no criminal record, was released on a $3,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Baker had no comment Monday about the charge.


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  • jchelpus Jul 31, 2007

    How many times have you done something you weren't so proud of? Yeah, people make mistakes and I am sure we've all made one that we'll be ridiculed about; Don't say what you won't do until you're in a bind.

  • jchelpus Jul 31, 2007

    It doesn't matter what or how the money was taken. I totally agree with "ReggieBarnes" you're not sure what a person is up against something until they do something "illegal" to solve it. You'll never know until you're there in her shoes and you weren't. I do in all honesty hope that Mrs. Baker and family can overcome this and make progress in her life; I am sure she has a hard road ahead but through forgiveness and prayer she'll make it. What she's accused of doesn't make her a terrible person, she just made a poor decision and I am sure we all have. My blessings and prayers to you Mrs. Baker; keep your head up and continue to press forward. KMM

  • canesfan82 Jul 31, 2007

    Working for the lottery??? could have taken money from there too, anyone checking records?!

  • Here kitty kitty Jul 31, 2007

    Dear Schoollady: A child in the lunch line gives me $1.00 and I ring up 75 cents or none at all and pocket it. That's how it happens. Like I said there was no oversight in the cafeteria, and no one watched me when I counted it at the end of the day. For a dishonest person it would be easy...too easy.

  • Arkansas Razorback Jul 31, 2007

    Only send enough lunch money for one day. I called the school system with my concerns that something was terribly wrong with the way my sons lunch money was disappearing. The school was very defensive.

  • gopanthers Jul 31, 2007

    Am I wrong and is it just me but doesn't it seem like embezzelement is getting to be the rule rather then an exception in the School Systems. It just seems to me we are hearing more and more of these stories as time marches on.

  • elliemae Jul 31, 2007

    Someone made a statement about people walking away with pencils, pens, etc. Those things cost money. Everyone I am sure has done this. That is stealing as well. I wonder in a life time of working how much a person steals.

  • elliemae Jul 31, 2007

    Believe me, she will pay it back. She will be no different than anyone else that was caught. I do hope this has taught her a valuable lesson. You know everything happens for a reason.

  • xx26red Jul 31, 2007

    About 3 months ago I purchased lottery tickets from this individual at the NC lottery claim center. Has it been mentioned that she may be currently working there???

  • Tawny Jul 31, 2007

    Do you actually believe that those individuals committing this crime...think they'll get caught? NO!! They are not thinking....at all!! Crimes occur because you're not thinking of the possibility or the consquences of getting caught! You're only looking within the moment...You're looking at this "opportune" moment for "me" to "take the easy way out"! But your crimes or your sins do eventually catch up with you.....and then you must deal with the reality of the choices that you've made.