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School bus driver reports attack

Posted September 26, 2008

— The Vance County Sheriff's Office is considering criminal charges against a high school student who allegedly hit his school bus driver.

Sheriff Peter White said David Ayscue, 53, of Faulkner Town Road was pulling out of the school driveway when a boy hit him in the back.

Ayscue said he turned around and was hit a second time, in the head.

Norman Shearin, superintendent of Vance County Schools, said the student would be suspended and that the district would press charges against him.

The name of the suspect was not released.


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  • 10-39 Sep 26, 2008

    WRAL needs a new section called, "School Violence News" HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • justwondering2 Sep 26, 2008

    Wheres the picture WRAL?

  • Tax Man Sep 26, 2008

    File the charges, expel him from school, put his mug shot on the news and give us his name. Make an example out of him so no one else will do this. Too bad the driver didn't kick his assets!

  • OrdinaryCitizen Sep 26, 2008

    Release a photo of his parents instead.

  • FairPlay Sep 26, 2008

    In my day you would be expelled for this. It is a shame kids no longer have respect for adults anymore.

  • North Carolina Native Sep 26, 2008

    no one realizes that riding the bus is not a right. I guess he'd realize it if his parents had to kick his but to school every morning until he "graduates" haha

  • Bulldog22 Sep 26, 2008

    Release his name and his photo. I am shocked that assaulting a school employee does not warant expulsion. I am beginning to think school employees deserve combat pay and should be issued full riot gear as work attire.

  • NCGal Sep 26, 2008

    and the sheriff is only "considering" charges?

  • robbincasino Sep 26, 2008

    why not release his name? If he is going to act like an idiot, then allow him to be publicly humilated and then expell him!

  • rafiki Sep 26, 2008

    Suspended? Why not expelled.