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School bus driver charged in chain-reaction wreck

Posted December 21, 2010

— Cary police charged a school bus driver Tuesday with causing a wreck involving three buses from Asheboro that sent 35 children to the hospital.

Boyce Goldston, 40, of North Elm Street in Asheboro, was charged with failure to decrease speed as necessary to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

Police said that a bus driven by Goldston rear-ended another school bus, setting off the chain-reaction wreck at a stoplight at U.S. Highway 64 and Edinburgh Drive Monday morning. Five children remained hospitalized late Monday.

The buses were carrying about 113 eighth-grade students from North Asheboro Middle School to the North Carolina Museums of History and Natural Sciences.

The infraction Goldston faces carries a $50 fine and $143 in court costs. He was scheduled to appear in court Feb. 10.

Police filed charges after consulting with the Wake County District Attorney's Office.


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  • tjhiggs68 Dec 21, 2010

    This is one of the main reasons I cant stand someone who follows me so close that I feel like im pulling an extra vehicle.... Keep your distance and stay off the phone when you are on a Hwy!

  • Mugu Dec 21, 2010

    Court costs are a racket!

  • tictock Dec 21, 2010

    Because of chain smoking???

  • goner Dec 21, 2010

    Bottom line is that had the guy maintained adequate following distance, this would not have happened. Should he be fired? Heck no. He should be re-trained and reprimanded. I do understand though that it is hard to maintain adequate following distance when every northerner in the area insists on being one vehicle closer to their destination and constantly whipping into everyone's adequate following distance that they come across. If we back off too much due to this constant problem, we would be going backwards. Of course, then there's the flip side of that where the people leave 50 car lengths in front of them in the left lane just because they don't know what the sign "slower traffic keep right" means.

  • pizno82 Dec 21, 2010

    thank you

  • LuvLivingInCary Dec 21, 2010

    oh well. prayer for judgment wasted

  • medcoder05 Dec 21, 2010

    School buses and activity buses travel on 40 and 440 all the time. I see them in the slow lanes everyday. I drive from garner/clayton area everyday and see them on the interstates. Seatbelts save lives in most cases. SEatbelts should be required in buses no matter what kind it is. You are putting lives in risk of getting hurt.

  • pulstar40 Dec 21, 2010

    School buses drive on I-40. There are even signs on I-40 farther west alerting other drivers that I-40 is the normal bus route.

  • skewlteachrmommy Dec 21, 2010

    Give the guy a break and don't be so judgemental. At least he admitted he looked down and didn't have time to stop. People make mistakes and I can assure you that he is suffering enough knowing the mess he caused. Btw-buses use the interstate all the time. It's cheaper for a school to use activity buses for transportation than charter buses. When I called about a field trip for students last year, it was going to cost 30 bucks per child for a charter versus 5 for activity. Quite frankly, they are just as much at risk on a charter bus because they drive erratically and fast at times. We took kids on a field trip and the charter bus driver scared the kids because he was weaving and swerving through traffic and they were 7th and 8th grade students!!

  • Sez Who Dec 21, 2010

    Chivegas...The accident occurred on Route 64 which is not an interstate highway.