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School board to ask for class-size waiver

Posted October 13, 2008
Updated October 14, 2008

— The Chatham County School Board is hoping for some leniency from the North Carolina State Board of Education.

During a meeting Monday evening at Northwood High School, the school board decided it would ask for a class-size waiver in November.

School officials say the county has several classrooms that exceed the state recommendations for class size.

However, the classes are over by only a few students, officials say.


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  • kimmimom Oct 15, 2008

    As a parent who is personally involved in one of the impacted classes, yes, I understand the reasons behind keeping class sizes down, but class of 25 or 26 versus a class of 22 is not much difference and the damage it will do to uproot the children at this point in the year (b/c administration chose not to make the change on school day 11 when it would have been less disruptive and a little easier for the children, but that is an entirely different topic) is much greater than having a couple extra kids in each class. We have EXCEPTIONAL teachers who can handle the extra few kids. The parents who are involved have signed petitions to keep their children in larger classes rather than have their children moved at this late point in the year (it would be Nov), as that would be very difficult for the children after bonding with the teacher and the classmates. And yes, at our school it would result in a combo 1/2 class if the waiver is denied.

  • OhBella Oct 14, 2008

    It is different in the past when special ed. students were in their own classroom all day. We now have mainstreaming, which is OK but class sizes have to be reduced to deal with the special needs that goes along with this. A few students over in each class, at each grade level can create a class within itself. We have 5 first grade classrooms. Do we really want to max. out each class? Instead of each class having 26 students, how about each class have 21. I suppose that is up to taxpayers to decide but we must all live with the consequences both positive and negative.

  • teacher56 Oct 14, 2008

    No, we can't and shouldn't go back to the way it was years ago. We do not mass produce products. We now have differentiation, special ed kids, paperwork out the wazoo and now more kids....just waiting for retirement!

  • PikeMom2bsure Oct 14, 2008

    You can have 32 or even 33 students if we go back to like it was many years ago.Make your kids behave and the teacher can handle the size of the class.

  • shutterbug Oct 14, 2008

    If there aren't enough students for a complete teacher, you wind up with combination grades. Which is worse, a few students over the limit or a teacher teaching two grades in the same classroom? This happens quite often in elementary grades.

  • Tax Man Oct 14, 2008

    This is a bad idea - class size should be such that a teacher has absolute control of the class - and can keep the students' attention. Too many kids = discipline and learning problems. Keep the class sizes down - do not issue waivers - find another teacher or two! Lord knows you have more than enough taxpayer money!

  • colliedave Oct 14, 2008

    Class size should not be a factor. The discipline, or lack thereof, is a major factor. Corporal punishment should be more of an issue than class size.