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SBI: Stun gun used on NC man who died in arrest

Posted August 26, 2011
Updated August 29, 2011

— North Carolina state police say the man who died during a struggle with Fayetteville police had been hit with a stun gun.

Police identified the man as Michael Wade Evans, 56, of Simpson Street.

The State Bureau of Investigation said Evans collapsed after being stunned with a Taser during a struggle with three Fayetteville police officers Wednesday. Witnesses said Evans was acting strangely in front of a restaurant and tried to jump into the path of passing cars.

Officers Alexander Leviner, Christopher Crews and Travis Smith, all members of the Campbellton Bureau Patrol, have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the SBI investigation, which is routine when police use force that results in death.


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  • warbirdlover Aug 26, 2011

    Have many of ya'll ever been around someone juiced up on PCP or Meth. They are like Superman, 10 foot tall and bullet proof and have the strenght of a full grown Gorilla. I seen this first hand when I managed a Niteclub in Tampa. Some Dude started ripping the top off the bar, so I call the police. The funny thing was the first COP through the door was a chick that weighed about 100 pounds soaking wet. I thought, boy are we in trouble. Then her partner came through the door and he looked like a WWE Superstar..

  • blackmountain38 Aug 26, 2011

    you people are crazy. nothing in our job description says that ww have to fight with these people. IT IS NOT MY JOB TO PHYSICALLY FIGHT WITH CRIMINALS. if i did chose to do so, at anytime you could get the best of me and take control off all the weapons that i might have, THEN WHOS IN TROUBLE. I WONT physically fight with these people and will do everything in my power to protect myself and any other citizen that the put in harms way!!!

  • cubcash Aug 26, 2011

    Studies have shown that there are approximately 4-5 taser related deaths per month in the US each year. Taser related is misleading though because many of the deaths are attributed to drug use mixed with heart problems. Even so, there are as of 2006, 683,396 police officers employed in the US. If even half use tasers an average of once a month, which is stupid low, the number of deaths to uses would be just over 1%. In reality the percentage rate would be way below 1% of taser related deaths compared to uses. This would be acceptable death rates in most common medications approved by the FDA,car wrecks, so forth and so on. Look at the big picture people. People die from pepper spray and simply being restrained in the back of a police car. Tasers do not kill people unless there are major accompanying circumstances.

  • thehardway Aug 26, 2011

    Will everybody take a chill pill, his death will be ruled heart attack from drug overdose,seen it a dozen times, read the report "acting strangly trying to jump in front of cars???

  • dwallace9392 Aug 26, 2011

    That's sad!!!! I knew that it was a stun gun!!!! How would the police feel if it was then or their family members dying this way. Enough is enough and it happens national wide. Just another form of police butality!!!! My hearts goes out to the family. By gun, they could have found another way of taking control.

  • muttchaser132 Aug 26, 2011

    so lineofduty hates the police because some cop beat up his criminal relative 30 years ago. isn't that the same justification every hate group out there uses for whichever race/creed/entity wahtever that it hates? good job buddy.

  • bombayrunner Aug 26, 2011

    razor2 - you should not apologize ... those are the most rational remarks for anyone to make. You have a good opinion, stand up for it.

  • bombayrunner Aug 26, 2011

    emillerbsa - if you drove into a guy that jusped in front of your car ... how would you blame the police? Makes zero sense. What didn't happen was that. What did happen was that they tased him and he died. And if it were you are me ... it would have been we tazed him and killed him ... we'd be sitting in jail.

  • razor2 Aug 26, 2011

    I pass my regrets and apologies if I offended any law enforcement officers by my remarks. The comments were generalizations not aimed at one group Note both sides of the coin referring to police as well as a civilian dieing in an encounter . Main intent was to serve as a catalyst to start open discussion. There is always two sides to a story.Both sides are so passionate about their views and people get lost in the scope of things and nothing changes ..

  • bombayrunner Aug 26, 2011

    there are the bean bag guns. like the one that killed the innocent young woman after the RedSox game. But they don't do any harm either ... fortunately there were enough witnesses to that the City simply paid up the family and apologized.