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SBI reviewing inmate's death at Orange Correctional

Posted October 17, 2011

— The North Carolina Department of Correction has requested that local law enforcement and the State Bureau of Investigation review the circumstances of an inmate's death Sunday night at Orange Correctional Center.

Jimmy Griffin, 51, who was serving a life sentence for second-degree murder, collapsed in the prison yard at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday while participating in outside recreation, authorities said. Medical staff tried to resuscitate him, and he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died Sunday.

Prison officials conducted an initial internal investigation, but decided Friday to request an outside investigation to determine what may have lead to the medical emergency and Griffin’s death.


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  • reality bites Oct 18, 2011

    most of the ones that are complaing how horrible prison is, MUST HAVE BEEN A INMATE. and if you dont like the time, dont do the crime. i also dont know where you pulled time at, but let me assure you, you have flat screen tv's,cable/satellite, heat/air (most camps), food (and a canteen if you dont like the dining hall). prison is a JOKE! and for the one's that commit crimes, learn from their mistakes, and go home to their families i commend you, for the ones that think you are owed something and somebody else did this to you, your a joke, you need to wake up, grow up, and straighten up!!!!!

  • jbrown10 Oct 18, 2011

    Ever notice, NO ONE has ever passed away in prison? Check the records, all inmates die at the hospital or in the hands of medical personal. The DOC demands that every corrections officer agree to this statement as to insure no legal action can be taken. AMAZING.............

  • Bartmeister Oct 18, 2011

    So, next time you interview someone with a criminal record give him or her a chance to be somebody.
    No truer words spoken. I hired a guy straight out of a Correctional Facility 15-18 years ago. He was intelligent, late 30's. He used his time to study and become a better person coming out. I never asked him why he was in, only wanted to know if he killed his former boss! Actually asked him that in a joking manner. Told him I had one more interview, he left. After the next interview, I called his Mom's house and he answered. I asked him when he could come in and fill out the paperwork. He said he didn't expect a call, thought I was giving him an excuse. He rode a bicycle to work until he could afford a car. He started out making $6.50/hour in a warehouse. When I left 4 years later, he was in a management position and still rising. Rehab works when the person wants it to work, not waiting for the system to give them something.

  • Bartmeister Oct 18, 2011

    First of all, hate this man died in or out of prison. BUT those of you talking about how hard it is in prison need to smell the coffee. It's not a hotel with wake up service. It's prison, hard time punishment for a crime being committed, being convicted, and sentenced. You talk about being charged for personal hygiene items and such. You fail to mention that they are paid a nominal amount of money each day served. If free, they'd have to buy those personal items anyway. Where is it stated that prisoners are entitled to anything over and above food and shelter beyond what they would have to supply on the outside? You talk rehab? Everyday I read about repeat offenders committing more crime. You can't rehab some. This man was sentenced to life for murder. Sad but true that he didn't need rehab, if he was to serve his entire sentence. You say they are treated like sub-humans, a perception on your part. Avoid trouble and avoid prison. Plain and simple for the most part.

  • hunter38 Oct 18, 2011

    For those who are dishing out hugs to the inmates.....consider this...people ARE NOT forced to commit crimes...they make decisions in life. True some people grow up in a bad environment, but that is no excuse...others have grown up in that environment and have gone on to be successful in life...because they chose to make themselves better....again they made a decision. I feel sorry for NO person that makes the decision to commit a crime...and if they happen to die in prison....so be it, guess it was meant to be.

  • obamasucks Oct 18, 2011

    For those of you so quick to judge and say they don't deserve this, they don't deserve that: First of all, life is not a cakewalk in prison. Most of the places do NOT have air conditioning. They aren't given their personal hygiene items--they have to BUY those. If they have to go to medical, there is a charge--it's not free!! And why do they end up back in prison? Because they have that mark on their record and they aren't given ANY kind of self-sustaining resources when they are released-no job training, no job placement--nothing!

    @Lucas Turner--you are absolutely correct. Not only do they treat the inmates like sub-humans, but they treat any visiting family that way as well.

  • Groovy Oct 18, 2011

    Sometimes decent people get sent to jail for mistakes they made but the system is not designed to rehabilitate. It usually dooms someone to a life of poverty with little chance of success. It's nearly impossible for an ex-con to get a job therefore starting the whole cycle over.

  • Lucas Turner Oct 18, 2011

    Why do inmates return to prison? They are uneducated, have criminal records and cannot find a job or a chance. Most have substance abuse problems. Many grow up in a negative environment and know nothing else but chaos. Many are abused women who have relationship issues. Many young people just hang out with the wrong crowd and get in trouble. And then society will not give them the time of day, there is a stigma attached, they go back to the neighborhood, the stomping grounds, get drunk or high to cope, then commit crime to survive and thus a continuous vicious cycle. So, next time you interview someone with a criminal record give him or her a chance to be somebody.

  • Lucas Turner Oct 18, 2011

    For all you know it alls only a very few prisons have cable. Many dorms are not air conditioned. The food is prepared by inmates and they have 5 to 10 minutes to eat it and no talking in the cafeteria. If you have a job you get 40 cents to a dollar a dollar a day for snacks and personal hygiene items. No smoking allowed. Basic medical care and nurses treat inmates like sub-humans. If you have a cavity they pull your tooth. No fillings. Officers also treat them as sub-humans. Whats up crack-head, no, I don't have any toilet paper for you. Didn't you get your two allocated rolls last week. So know it alls, try it and see if you like it.

  • ASoldiersWife Oct 18, 2011

    Those of you that think the comments about how easy the prisoners have it are wrong, you might wont to rethink your views. They are in Prison because they decided to mess up their lives and the lives of those they affected. They don't deserve the cable the hot meals (whether there good or bad) just cold sandwiches. It's more than most working people get. There are people on the street, homeless, that get less care than those in prison. So yeah those in prison have it made cause for some of them prison life is to good. And before anyone says anything Yes I have family members that have been to prison or are still in prison they did wrong so they must pay for there crimes.