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SBI investigating lawmaker's DWI arrest

Posted May 30, 2008

— The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into an April arrest of a state lawmaker on a drunken-driving charge.

Rep. Joe Boylan, R-Moore, was charged with driving while impaired on April 10 when his car ran into a ditch on a rural road outside Cameron. His blood-alcohol was measured at 0.17, which is more than twice the state's 0.08 legal limit of intoxication.

Boylan said in an interview shortly after his arrest that he has battled alcohol problems and was working to overcome it.


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  • FE May 30, 2008

    Rest assured that if the SBI is looking into this case (someone had to request them to do so) there is a LOT more to this story than a "mere" DUI charge.

    Something along the lines of cover-up, bribes, or police corruption could be in the mix.

  • LoneWolf72 May 30, 2008

    DUI's are not traffic offenses, they are criminal charges, misdemeanor unless you hot or kill someone, then it's felony criminal charges. DUI's are not handled in traffic court, but rather superior courts. This guy was clealry drunk and ran off the road and should do some jail time. However, if you throw everyone with a BAC of over .08 in jail, regardless of whether they were breaking any other traffic laws at the time, then you should also be calling for putting all first time speeders in jail...speeders kill more people than DUI according to the data and the NCSHP..would you be for that? why not? if you are serious about reducing senseless deaths on the roads why not go after the leading cause of death? but I digress.

  • Fuquay Resident May 30, 2008

    I was wondering the same thing Jeff_W. He should be treated just like any other driver.

  • Jeff_W May 30, 2008

    If there is a BAC recorded, I assure you he is facing the criminal charges. The question is why is the SBI investigating the incident. The SBI does not have jurisdiction in traffic matters. There is clearly more to this story.

  • Tom Bombadil May 30, 2008

    He should also be battling jail time like all other drunk drivers. Terrible judgement and should resign.