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SBI investigating former Warrenton police chief

Posted December 16, 2011

— State agents are investigating former Warrenton Police Chief John Younts, who was fired in October, officials said Friday.

Mayor Walter Gardner said town officials requested an audit of the police department's financial records during Younts' tenure and found "inconsistencies in police department purchases." He declined to elaborate.

The case has been turned over to the State Bureau of Investigation, Gardner said.

Younts had been Warrenton's police chief since spring 2007.


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  • Glenn Miller Dec 16, 2011

    WesternWake1. Excellent comment. I agree 100%. jrfergerson has a good point as well.

    It KILLS us "Old School" LEOs to see these things happen. I can tell you one thing, just as jrfergerson alluded too...it is all politics. When the "bad apples" are caught, yes...it stings, but we are glad to see them get caught....they do not deserve to wear the uniform and badge that 98% of us wear.

  • jrfergerson Dec 16, 2011

    Why should any LE have any moral or ethics and possess any integrity in how they do business these days they see none displayed from the white house on down to the politicians and the dog and pony show we see going on in the courts these days

  • westernwake1 Dec 16, 2011

    "90% of all the police officers and deputies I know have done their best to follow The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics" - Relic

    I agree with you. The majority of law enforcement officers I have met do their job with integrity, and a passion for protecting and serving the community. It is a tough job that I would not want to do. Many LEOs have to deal with the bad side of society every day on the job.

    The problem is that every single time an officer abuses their position of trust, it hurts the trust of the community. Seeing a continual stream of officers in North Carolina being arrested, fired, or investigated is a very bad sign. The fraternity of law enforcement needs to do a better job of policing their own community in our state to be sure that all officers are adhering to the The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

  • Glenn Miller Dec 16, 2011

    love2dostuff. I THANK YOU for your service and believe that you are a Marine of Honor, Codes and Integrity. Thank you for being open minded and I hope that you will continue to try to look at the big picture. As a Marine, you have had to go to God awful places and do things that most Americans can't imagine. For that, you ARE an American Hero. That being said, we (LEOs) have to do that same thing here at home. Our own people are against us and judging from all the anti-LEO hate spewed here on WRAL, it isn't getting any better nor will it any time soon....just ask all my Brothers and Sisters that have given their lives in the line of duty AT HOME this year. Semper Fi.

  • love2dostuff Dec 16, 2011

    Glen No, I don't believe it's wise to do such things and it's nothing I condone. Keep in mind I'm stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside CA and abuse is much more rampant there. Those that do are subject to UCMJ as well as civilian laws. I'm home for the holidays (Raleigh). "We act as a unit and will either rise as 1 or fall as 1" is the engraving on our Battalion HQ. I don't carry, conceal or not. I did enough carrying to last me a while. I have nothing in common with my old family but love them just the same. Of course I'm the "bad apple" of my family and considered the loser even though I'm the first to go to college and first to serve my Country.

  • OnlyInAmerica_82nd Dec 16, 2011

    I hope they investigate not only younts but other officers there. The details surrounding his firing spread suspision on another officer there. The SBI should be investigating him and his track record of illegal dealings. While they are in that neck of the woods the sheriff in warren county could use some investigating as well.

  • Glenn Miller Dec 16, 2011

    One other note. Although I do believe that the majority of our Honorable U.S. Marines are great Americans with ....as love2dostudds stated, "Honor, Codes and Integrity", I do NOT judge the entire Corps by the actions of a few, like love2dostuff does for LEOs. I guess the Marines involved in the torture of the Iraqi detainees and the ones involved in the torture and murder of their own Commanding Officer did so with "Honor, Codes and Integrity". Nope...these were the actions of a few "Bad Apples" in the Corps......

  • hlpulley Dec 16, 2011

    l know theres a bad apple in just about every bunch but l have the utmost praise & respect for our law officers & military, all branches.Where would we be without them,l hate to think.

  • Glenn Miller Dec 16, 2011

    love2dostuff said "Believe what you want while hiding behind anonymity" LOL! Classic hypocrisy. L2dS, I stand corrected if I misspoke about you personally CCW.

    Question for you though. Do you think it is wise for anyone, Marine or not, to pull out a gun on an officer, and escalate a situation to the point where gun fire is exchanged? You said your acquaintances CCW to "protect themselves against the mistreatment from cops." Please give me an example where it is justifiable to pull a gun on an officer because someone felt mistreated. Just because you were issued a "Stress Card" in Basic, doesn't mean you can use a gun as a "stress card" in the real world when someone "hurts your feelings".

  • love2dostuff Dec 16, 2011

    Yes folks. That's why a became a Marine because I didn't have the stomach to go into the old family business of law enforcement. I have a new family. A family with Honor, Codes, and Integrity.

    I've been to all the cops parties growing up and they make me sick. Believe what you want while hiding behind anonymity. I don't conceal carry btw. But as I stated previously, Marines I know do and do so to protect themselves against mistreatment from cops.

    Yes, GlennMiller and Relic.....but I wouldn't expect either of you to know anything about Honor Duty or Integrity.