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SBI Investigates Enfield Police Chief

Posted July 19, 2007

— State Bureau of Investigation agents are looking into allegations of wrongdoing by the Enfield police chief.

A former assistant chief at the Halifax County department claims Chief Alan Exum tampered with money from an evidence bag.

No charges have been filed in the case.


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  • emilysmom1227 Jul 20, 2007

    I lived in Enfield most of my life. I moved away 7 years ago and every time I come back I think WOW this place has really went down hill. It's a shame it was once a great place to live. Now I would not raise my kids in this town. I have many fond memories growing up. We used to have little league ball games and soft ball at night, parks were open during the summer. The kids have nothing now.

  • Tawny Jul 20, 2007

    Dingo? Are you a resident of Enfield? Do you have factual evidence to prove that the increase in corruption and mismanagement is due to increased minority involvment, or is this your opinion?

  • Lulli Jul 20, 2007

    As a local, the word on the streets is the Police Chief "Loaned" himself money from the evidence room. It has been rumored that one of the officers left Enfield & went to work at a nearby town because there was so much corruption & he couldn't get anyone to do anything about it! I understand he notifed the SBI, but you know how long it takes them to be low profile & investigate without it being so obvious. You can't blame this officer for trying to be good at his job & not being able to cope with the lacks-a-daisical attitude the entire PD has! He deserves a BIG PAT ON THE BACK!

  • Lulli Jul 20, 2007

    Enfield Police Department has been a joke since this new chief took over. It appears that this PD "Looks the other way" when certain things are taking place by certain people. I've been in my yard more than one time & observed cars stopping in the middle of the road, driver's door open, & rolling a joint! Theft has gotten terrible in this town! It used to be a quiet town with "lifers" & generations from the same few families. Now all the decent people are moving out & the "low lifes" are slowly taking it over! I think the SBI & DEA need to take a very serious at the PD & the town! It is full of corruption & drugs! Sometimes I can't help but wonder if PD is on the take!!! I guess PD doesn't pay enough to live!!!

  • dingo Jul 20, 2007

    As minority involvement in the police, town administration, and all other civic services has increased, so has the corruption and mismanagement. Once a veritable "Mayberry", Enfield has, with the exception of a few enclaves, become a ghetto. As the educated and ambitious youth leave for greener pastures, the town has been bequeathed to small time wannabe hoods, gangs, and drug runners. Paradise lost. What a shame.

  • skinnycow Jul 20, 2007

    Could he be telling this b/c he is a disgruntled former assistant? If he watched it then isnt he also privy to some type of charge like accessory after the fact or something else? Please forgive, I dont know the proper terms for the charge.

  • shine Jul 20, 2007

    Enfield does not have alot to offer now as they did several years ago. There are alot of great people that live there but there is alot of the other also. There is just no where for folks to go or do and Idle time is the Devils workshop.

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go Jul 20, 2007

    My job has carried me to Enfield a few times, and I got to talk to a lifetime resident very recently. The town leadership as a whole are quite corrupt. No ballfields, no community centers to occupy the youth. There is an air of despair in that town that you can actually see and feel. The electrical power cooperative just REAMS the people for 300-400 dollars a month for houses that for the most part are quite small. I feel bad for the people stuck there, it's as god forsaken a town as you will find.

  • Jokers Wild II Jul 19, 2007

    Loads of information in this story..wheww!! On a serious note I know a Officer that worked for Enfield for a very SHORT time and this news does not suprise me after some of the things he told me about the Chief!

  • parr4246 Jul 19, 2007

    A former assistant chief at the Halifax County department claims Chief Alan Exum tampered with money from an evidence bag.
    So how did he tamper with it? Did he take it out and look at it? Did he keep some of it?