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Rumors of new cell phone law unfounded

Posted July 1, 2008

North Carolina does not require a hands-free device for drivers using their cell phones, despite widespread rumors of a new law.

 E-mails have circulated for months that the state would enact new laws limiting cell phone use in North Carolina.

State law prohibits cell phone use for drivers under the age of 18 and for bus drivers, but no new restrictions are being considered.

The states of California and Washington have new laws going into effect July 1, but North Carolina does not.


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  • PC is for Losers Jul 3, 2008

    C'mon junk999, don't you know the Legislature is busy having a drink?

  • Madman at the Wheel Jul 1, 2008

    The funny thing (Kinda) is that my wife went and bought a hands free earpiece JUST for this reason!! TAR AND FEATHER THE ONES WHO STARTED THE RUMOR!! Gimme the mney back so I can go buy 8 gallons of gas!!

    Good day all!

  • hkypky Jul 1, 2008

    This was one urban legend that I wish was true. If they ever went through with it though, they should add newspapers, makeup, electric shavers, hair brushes, headphones, and a few of the other devices I've seen in use during my commute.

  • anonemoose Jul 1, 2008

    scubamama, I guess everything you read on the internet just has to be true, huh?

  • Kris0805 Jul 1, 2008

    My mom had me scared to death.....

  • APO75 Jul 1, 2008

    No mean pills, just tired of the people gettting off-track and are always the first to be judge and jury when something comes up.

  • hayco Jul 1, 2008

    When you're on the phone, you are concentrating on the call. I can drink a coffee, eat a donut, listen to the radio- all of which are considered distractions, and yet I can still pay attention to the road. How many times have you seen someone driving stupid, and sure enough, they are on the phone. There mind is too involved in the conversation to realize that they are supposed to be alert to their surroundings. They may as well be drunk- hands free or not. Turn off the phone. Check for messages when you get to your destination. Drive safely.

  • boingc Jul 1, 2008

    "Some people have to talk on cell phones while driving. people that do service calls for example."

    Well, they need to get a hands free device, then.

    "I know driving and talking on my cell is a bad habit. But so is any other activity that is not driving."

    Uh-huh. So, by your logic drinking and driving is fine, because there are other distractions. No, phones aren't the ONLY distration on the road, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't require hands free devices!

  • Wolfpack7070 Jul 1, 2008

    I forgot....People never had to run service calls 15 - 20 years ago. Nothing ever got fixed back then.......

  • silverflash Jul 1, 2008

    Some people have to talk on cell phones while driving. people that do service calls for example. if they pulled over every time to make a call, that would be pretty inefficient and a dangerous situation as well since pulling over on the highway and back on can possibly cause confusion and an accident.