Gina Benitez

Gina Benitez


Professional Experience:

2017 to present: Anchor/Reporter, WRAL-TV
2014-2016: Reporter and Fill-in Anchor, FOX 35, Orlando, Fla.
2012-2014: Anchor/Reporter, KFOX-TV, El Paso, Texas
2011-2012 Anchor/Reporter, KRBC-TV, Abilene, Texas
Education - Bachelor of Arts in English, Florida State University

News Philosophy:

I believe it is our job to be accurate and fair. To tell a story that resonates and makes an impact. But above all, I believe we must approach every situation with an open mind and compassion. We are human beings before anything else.

Miami, FL

I'm fortunate to have a huge, tight-knit and incredibly supportive family. The majority of them live in Florida but that doesn't stop them from visiting me no matter where in the country I am!

Likes Best About North Carolina:
Everyone is so genuinely nice! And the food is incredible. I haven't had a bad meal yet!

Most Memorable Assignments:
The Pulse nightclub attack is a day that is forever seared into my memory and into my soul. I never imagined this would happen in my backyard and covering the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history completely changed my view of not only this job, but on life. I was one of the first reporters on the scene and nothing could have prepared me for what I'd see that day. At some points throughout the day, I felt completely helpless. Then there were times when I was just trying to keep it together long enough to make it through another live shot. But there were other moments when I was able to provide insight, answers, a comforting word or a hug. And moments like that, along with witnessing the unbelievable resilience and compassion of the community – those are the times I'm reminded why I do what I do.