Arielle Clay


Professional Experience:
July 2013 to present: reporter, WRAL-TV; 2009 to 2013: reporter/anchor, FOX 6 WBRC-TV, Birmingham, Ala.; 2008 to 2009: reporter/anchor, WAGT-TV, Augusta, Ga.

News Philosophy:
News should always be informative and factual at its core. But if the story lends itself to it, news can also be art – a beautifully told story that reminds us of the power of life and the fascinating people, places and events that fill our world.

Bachelor of Science in Communications Broadcast Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in English/Poetry, 2008, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla.

Birmingham, Ala.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement:
I love to read. My mother started a book club for our family, which probably sounds weird but it is actually very fun. We read a variety of books and discuss weekly. Writing, music, art and travel – my most interesting trips have been London, Peru and Mumbai. Fitness and health – I enjoy going to the gym and cooking healthy dishes. Great TV shows and shopping (a lot of shopping … too much shopping!)

Passion for the foster-care system. Former Board member for Heart Gallery Alabama, which takes professional photographs for children in foster care to better their chances of adoption.

My parents, Tim and Phyllis Clay, still live in Birmingham. My sister, Jackie Clay, is 5 years older. She lives in San Francisco.

Favorite Books:
"Pride and Prejudice," "The Bluest Eye," "The Memory Room"

Favorite Websites:
NPR, Atlantic-Pacific blog; FoodGawker

Likes Best About North Carolina:
The landscape. It took me a while to appreciate the lush greenery of the South. When I was younger, I thought it was boring. Now, I appreciate it more, especially the countryside. Also, the history of Durham, in particular.

Most Memorable Assignments:
The stories that stick with me the most are those that involve people who were charming, hilarious touching or extraordinary. My most memorable assignment was in a small farming community in Alabama. A man inspired in his childhood by "Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin" decided to grow his own huge pumpkin, although many told him it couldn’t be done in Alabama soil. In the end, with the help of his six children, the pumpkin weighed in at 835 pounds. The farm was very pretty, and the family was inviting. Also, I was sent home with fresh eggs and apples I picked myself.

More about Arielle:
I used to let fear rule me, then I realized a life full of worry is a life not lived at all.