Mike Moss

Mike Moss


Professional Experience:
1993 to present: meteorologist, WRAL-TV; 2004 to 2008: Third U.S. Army/FORSCOM staff weather officer (USAFR); 1993 to 2003: senior advisor/meteorology (U.S. Air Force Reserve) Air Force Research Laboratory; 1989 to 1992: weekend on-air meteorologist, WJHG-TV, Panama City, Fla.; 1988 to 1992: research meteorologist, Tyndall Air Force Base Environics Laboratory; 1984 to 1987: Air Force Institute of Technology; 1980 to 1983: duty forecaster and wing weather officer, Pope Air Force Base

Awards & Recognition:
Chi Epsilon Pi, meteorological honor society; peer-reviewed articles published in "Journal of Applied Meteorology," "Journal of Air and Waste Management" and "The Military Engineer;" 7th Weather Wing Junior Officer of the Year, 1982; U.S. Air Force Armstrong Laboratory Reserve Officer of the Year, 1995; Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, 1999; Army Commendation Medal, 2005

News Philosophy:
To make the best possible use of the weather analysis and forecasting tools WRAL provides, and to present as accurate a forecast as I can to viewers and listeners in a clear and, I hope, interesting manner.

Northen Nash Senior High School, Rocky Mount; Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, 1980, North Carolina State University; Master of Science in Meteorology, 1985, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.

Rocky Mount, N.C.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement:
Reading, running, camping, playing guitar, birding, scuba, photography, computers

Family & Pets:
Wife, Sandy; brother and sister and their families in the Rocky Mount area; a cat, Shrimpy

Favorite Books & Movies:
"John Adams" and "1776" by D. McCullough, "Cobra II" by M. Gordon and B. Trainor, "When Pride Still Mattered" by D. Morannis, "Band of Brothers" by S. Ambrose, "Guns, Germs and Steel," by J. Diamond; movies: "Apollo 13," "Master & Commander," "The Patriot," "A Hard Day's Night," "Saving Private Ryan," "Star Trek"

Favorite Websites:
Penn State e-Wall, RadioReference/Broadcastify, Edmunds Auto Buyers Guide, Aviation Digital Data Service, Weather Underground, BBC World News, NASA Image of the Day Gallery, HubbleSite, AVS Forum, Popular Science Archive Page

Likes Best About North Carolina:
The climate, the variability of our seasons, the "mountains-to-the-coast" variety of outdoor activities available. Plus, it's where I grew up.

Most Memorable Assignments:
The approach and passage of Hurricane Fran is probably still at the top of my list, maybe because it was one of the first really big weather events after I started at WRAL, and I had to drive to work during the peak of the storm in the Raleigh area. It's followed closely by the record-setting tornado outbreak of April 16, 2011, icy winters in 1996 and 2002-03, the passage of Hurricane Irene in 2011, and, of course, the monster snowstorm of January 2000, along with my deployment as an Air Force Weather Officer to the Middle East in 2005.

More About Mike:
In addition to the forecasting and broadcast duties we perform here, I have really enjoyed the interaction with viewers, listeners and Web site visitors that comes with answering questions about weather and climate in our "Ask the Meteorologist" and "Ask Greg" forums, along with our WeatherCenter blog. I've also enjoyed speaking engagements at a variety of schools, civic organizations and businesses around the area.