David Crabtree

David Crabtree


Professional Experience:
1994 to present: anchor/reporter, WRAL-TV; 1991 to 1994: anchor/reporter, KCNC-TV, Denver, Colo.; 1988 to 1991: KMGH-TV, Denver, Colo.; 1985 to 1988: WITN-TV, Washington, N.C., 1982 to 1984: WKRN, Nashville, Tenn.

Awards & Recognition:

DuPont Award, 11 Emmys; Gabriel Award

News Philosophy:
To serve the community, to educate, enlighten and empower. Our focus must be to strive for fairness, accuracy and compassion.

Bachelor of Science, Middle Tennessee State University; attended Vanderbilt University School of Divinity; master's degree in Theology with coursework at Oxford University, Oxford, England; working on a master's in Divinity at Duke University.

Nashville, Tenn.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement:

Community involvement: Ordained in 2004 as vocational deacon in the Episcopal Church with a focus on death row and hospice care. Enjoys tennis, sailing, theater, reading and walking.

Two daughters; one granddaughter

Favorite Books & Movies:
Books: "Les Miserables," "Leaving Church," "My Losing Season," "Thirteen Moons," "The Jokes of Sigmund Freud: A Study in Humor and Jewish Identity;" movies: "The Ninth Day", "Nebraska," "It's a Wonderful Life"

Likes Best About North Carolina:

Its people and the coastline.

Most Memorable Assignments:
Election of Pope Francis; the funeral of Nelson Mandela; survivors of the Haiti earthquake in 2010; interview with Holocaust survivors; Pope John Paul II's funeral; Mother Theresa's funeral; James Taylor in London; documentary on the Vatican; covering seven major hurricanes; interviewing husbands of wives with breast cancer; a documentary focusing on living conditions of migrant workers in North Carolina; the documentary, "Focal Point: The Other North Carolina." Covering three Flights of Honor with WWII vets, hosting On the Record.