Roy Cooper on attack in new web ad

Posted January 30, 2014

Attorney General Roy Cooper

— Attorney General Roy Cooper has a new web video out slamming Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican-controlled General Assembly and pledging to reverse Republican gains in the legislature.

Cooper, a Democrat, has all-but-announced a run for governor in 2016, placing him on a political collision course with McCrory. The two are at odds over policy, with McCrory even hiring outside counsel to keep an eye on how well Cooper's office defends a new state elections law.

North Carolina's attorney general is a separately elected statewide office. 

In the video, Cooper laments the loss of progress in the state and offers a laundry list of what he sees as policy missteps by McCrory and legislative Republicans. 

“What had taken decades to build is now being torn down right before our eyes. And for many of us, it’s personal. In just one year’s time, Gov. McCrory and the tea party Republicans in the legislature have gutted public education funding, blocked health care for working families and seniors in nursing homes, made it harder to register and vote and raised taxes on about 80 percent of us while giving a tax break to the top 1 percent. All the while, they’ve waged a culture war on women, minorities and just about anyone else who doesn't think like they do," Cooper says.

Although it's tempting to view the video as the first attack ad of the 2016 legislative campaign – Cooper's campaign committee, Cooper for N.C. paid for the ad – Morgan Jackson, a campaign adviser to Cooper, said it is more about bringing public pressure on the General Assembly.

"This is about getting everybody's voice heard," Jackson said. "He (Cooper) has made no bones about his frustration with a lot of the decisions that have been made over the past 12 to 16 months. This is what he can do to help build public pressure out there on the legislature and the governor to make better public policy decisions."

In particular, Jackson cited raising teacher pay and reconsidering the state's decision not to expand Medicaid eligibility as two areas where Cooper hoped to have an impact. 

"We won’t engage in a non-productive political attack," said McCrory spokesman Ryan Tronovitch.

The North Carolina Republican Party declared the video a "kick-off" to Cooper's 2016 campaign. 

"Neglecting his elected duties, Roy Cooper is actively campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, politicizing the very same laws he has a responsibility to defend in court," Republican Party spokesperson Daniel Keylin said in a statement.


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  • aqak33 Feb 2, 2014


  • HeadsUp Jan 31, 2014

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    Pirate, you can't be serious blaming Cooper for exonorating the Duke lacrosse players. His public exonoration of them and repudiation of a rogue district attorney was unprecedented and courageous. Cooper has SBI baggage, and the ancient TV ad spat that he should have settled years ago, but he's not vulnerable on Duke lacrosse -- quite the opposite. Get real.

  • Pirate01 Jan 31, 2014

    If Cooper is declaring his candidacy NOW I hope WRAL will begin to expose the corruption at the SBI, which he was in charge of, that mishanded evidence and openly lied in criminal cases. Or how about letting the Duke lacrosse players suffer for 6 months after everyone in this state knew that Nifong was negligent and the accuser was lying.

  • lawdawg302 Jan 31, 2014

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    Rebelyell55, I know no such thing. I also heard The Attorney General discuss his Constitutional duty. I also hear him publicly condemn the laws, he is sworn to uphold and defend. I do not consider public condemnation to be defending. this is why an outside group has been necessary to determine if the office of the Attorney General is being effective in it's duties. When I was a service member, I was sworn to carry out the orders of the President of the United States; regardless of who was in that office. The Attorney General has a similar, though not the same, responsibility. If Attorney General Cooper is unable to serve during a Republican administration, he should resign. I hope the next Attorney General will be able to serve, regardless of who sits in the Governor's mansion.

  • HeadsUp Jan 31, 2014

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    Just like Ken Cuccinelli did in Virginia??? LOL.

  • 5Rs Jan 31, 2014

    Cooper should resign. Running for Governor is totally counter to his sworn duties to uphold the laws of the state. He can't pick and choose based on his political leanings.

  • Pirate01 Jan 31, 2014

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    It is easy to maintain a good approval rating when you are seen as a non-partisan defender of State laws. The more he engages in political division and dem talking points his approval will fall.

  • UCannotBSerious Jan 31, 2014

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    Blew it, huh? You either moved here or were born here during that time and didn't think it was bad enough to leave...

  • Just Ice Jan 31, 2014

    Correction: Coop's lawyers didn't say the add was true. They said Boyce can't prove the ad was false.

  • Just Ice Jan 31, 2014

    Maybe Coop should wait until the lawsuit is settled before announcing a run for governor. Better yet, since he appears to be running for governor already, maybe he should resign and go back to Nashville and avoid an obvious conflict of interest. Will Coop do the right thing? Well, he's a liberal Democrat so the answer is NO.

    Lawsuit against NC Attorney General Cooper gets trial date, Posted: Dec 06, 2013 1:52 PM EST

    "A Superior Court judge Friday set a tentative April 28 trial date in the defamation case filed in 2000 by Republican Dan Boyce".

    "The ad accused Boyce and others of charging exorbitant fees in litigation against the state."

    "Boyce said the ad was untrue because he didn't work on the case the ad addresses. Cooper's lawyers have said Boyce can't prove the ad is false."


    Coop's lawyers didn't say the add was false. They said Boyce can't prove the ad was false. Got integrity?