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Roxboro Mayor Cited for Public Drinking

Posted May 31, 2007

— Mayor Steve Joyner was cited for drinking in public.

Joyner was cited after police officers saw him with a plastic cup containing rum and Coke while he was across the street from his house early Monday.

Joyner's wife, Lori, also was cited for having an open beer.


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  • Auntie Bee Jun 2, 2007

    I have to say that I am greatful to live in a town that has no better crime to talk about than the Mayor and his wife crossing the street with an acoholic beverage. How refreshing to find a politician who admits to breaking the law, however minor it may be and stand up like a real Man and pay the fine. You won't find that in a big city!

  • Hossenfeffer Jun 2, 2007

    Sounds like Barney Fife was in charge of this situation. Too bad the Roxboro police department has nothing better to do than to pick on the good citizens. The Mayor has done an outstanding job bringing Roxboro out of the dark ages. We should all party with the Mayor and his wife in celebration of a better Roxboro!

  • benson sister Jun 1, 2007

    In another story, it said Lori was drinking a Busch light in a can. If it had been me, I'd go for a Natural Light in a bottle - but, oh wait, then they could have gotten me for an open "glass" container with a strong smell of alcohol!!! I wonder how long the "officers" issuing the citations have had their badges? I bet they couldn't wait to put their new ticket books to use - I have to ditto the question someone asked earlier - who owns this police force - Boss Hogg??

  • jronald Jun 1, 2007

    Roxboro's Finest checked everyone in the group. Only the Mayor and Wife had a beverage. Like most I think there was an underlying cause, not sure what it was but......Anyway I live in the county and My subdivision has no sidewalks. We routinely walk in the evening, and every once in awhile I carry a bright red Solo Cup. Occasionally it holds a dark liquid with a strong odor of alcohol. No sidewalks, no running afoul of the law?
    One other thing, the Roxoboro Curiosity and Times, the local fish wrap err I mean newspaper, had an article on both the front ans rear pages of the May 30th edition. Got to love a small town!

  • cjump Jun 1, 2007

    It was in his own neighborhood and on a holiday weekend. SO WHAT. If this is all the Roxboro Constabulary can do then they don't need a budget for next year at all.

  • Polar-Bear Jun 1, 2007

    There has to be more to this story. How did law enforcement happen to be in this location??? They usually hang out where they can get free food. Must be a hot dog stand next to the sidewalk or a new donut shop.

  • Legswilson May 31, 2007

    You mean he got off scott free for jaywalking across to the neighbor's house? What is the world coming to??? Maybe next time he should drink at home and drive to the neighbor's house!

  • Nibor May 31, 2007

    jronald.... There has to be some story here. Do they stop and check everybody with a cup to see if it is a Rum and Coke? Do they check everybody smoking to see if it is Pot? Do they check everybody with a styrofoam cup to see if it is coffee?

    Something is up.

  • yukonjohn3 May 31, 2007

    Just another reason I do not live in NC for the last 27 years. I can drink whatever I chose while watching the Golden Daze Parade in downtown Fairbanks and it probably has 40+ thousand people lining the streets. How stupid is this...and the mayor none the less. I hope the people of Roxboro revolt.

  • v4mcrider May 31, 2007

    is Roxboro so backwards that they have to pick on the Mayor! Surely they must have better things to enforce,,, there must be more to this story!