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Roxboro man charged with extortion

Posted January 3, 2011

— A Roxboro man has been charged with trying to obtain money from the owner of a local car dealership and others by threatening violence, authorities said.

Ronald Allen Cardwell, 64, of 120 S. Morgan St., was charged Dec. 21 with federal charges of mailing threatening communications. He also faces state extortion charges.

The owner of Tar Heel Chevrolet and two other business owners in Roxboro received threatening letters in November, demanding that they open bank accounts with $25,000 deposits and take out ads in the local newspaper to provide access codes to the accounts.

The letter-writer also called each of the three families, and federal agents used surveillance video of a pay phone in downtown Roxboro to identify Cardwell as a suspect in the case, according to federal court documents.

When federal investigators interviewed Cardwell, he admitted to sending 22 threatening letters, federal court records state. He said he lives on a fixed income and needed some money, and he hatched the threatening letter scheme after watching an episode of the HBO crime series "The Sopranos," according to court records.


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  • bstephens03241 Jan 4, 2011

    Gingerlynn, IQ is better than yours, I can bet you on that and you'll loose
    What is with you people and cable. Who says he has cable?
    mistyllaneous you are just out in left field wandering around.

    Not saying what he did was right, but did any of you think he needs help? Where's the Christian men and women who need to pray for people like this rather than spread their little thought through comments.

  • bstephens03241 Jan 4, 2011

    To gnewsome1, ever heard of re-runs.
    Ro Mikeyj, what share, do you even know what you are talking about.
    Mr. Middle of the Road, lot you can say, you can't he figure out which side, so you stay in the middle, jokes on you.
    Dare107, no he isn't, can't you use proper English?
    Again ABM, re-runs !!!!
    Gnewsome1, you seen his cable bill. You people must not know what re=runs are.

  • gnewsome1 Jan 3, 2011

    Fixed income and HBO? Glad the business owners stepped up to the plate.

  • mikeyj Jan 3, 2011

    What did he do with his share that Obama gave him?

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Jan 3, 2011

    What other kind of income is there other than a 'fixed income?" Is there some kind of income where you just fill in the blank each month? Thats what I Want.

  • dare107 Jan 3, 2011

    Tony he ain't!! I'm thinking sub 50!

  • ABM Jan 3, 2011

    If he needs money, how about canceling your cable, you could save money, and stay out of trouble..

  • gingerlynn Jan 3, 2011

    Shall we take bets on what is IQ is? Below 70?

  • mistyllaneous Jan 3, 2011

    First it's Ozzy Osbourne and now Sopranos. One day he is gonna wake up and take some responsibility for his actions. He doesn't need a fixed income today.... he will be out soon. Will try to declare insane due to pressures of the world....I'm calling Dorthea Dix to get his paperwork started and get room number assigned.

  • illegals--GO HOME Jan 3, 2011

    Wonder if that episode showed those guys going to jail also!!!!