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Rouzer wants recount in 7th District race against McIntyre

Posted November 20, 2012

— Republican State Sen. David Rouzer has asked for a recount in the 7th District Congressional race, where he is trailing incumbent opponent U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre by 655 votes.

Tuesday is the deadline for candidates to ask for recounts of ballots.

In a statement, Rouzer said he wanted a recount because the vote margin is so slim.

"Considering this is the closest Congressional race in the country and in light of the irregularity previously found in Bladen County, which significantly reduced the vote margin at that time, I have decided to request a mandatory recount of the votes cast in the 7th Congressional District as allowed by law," he said. "In a race this close, accidental human error could easily change the outcome. It is important to ensure that every legal vote cast is properly and accurately counted."

McIntyre's campaign quickly responded to Rouzer's decision with criticism. In a statement, campaign manager Lachlan McIntosh said a review of the votes by all 12 county boards of election shows McIntyre is the winner.

“While we respect the legal right for a recount, it is unfortunate that taxpayer dollars, time and resources will be spent on a process that has been closely monitored," McIntosh said. "For someone who has claimed fiscal responsibility, David Rouzer is asking taxpayers to pay for his pursuit of his own personal political ambition in a district he had drawn for himself.”

The 7th District race was one of three races in North Carolina with unclear outcomes following Election Day.

On Monday, Democrat Linda Coleman conceded the lieutenant governor's race to Republican Dan Forest.

According to unofficial totals from the State Board of Elections, Forest finished 6,858 votes ahead of Coleman after counties submitted their certified results on Friday. The state board will meet next week to certify all results statewide.

Although Coleman was close enough to ask for a recount – the difference between the two was less than 0.2 percent out of more than 4.3 million votes cast – she said she didn't think that the effort would change the result.

In the Senate District 1 race, incumbent Dare County Democrat Stan White had a slim lead when the polls closed, but he trailed Republican challenger Bill Cook on Friday. If those results hold up, it would be the first time in memory that votes counted after Election Day changed a legislative race in North Carolina.

The State Board of Elections will meet on Nov. 27 to certify all results statewide.





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  • jeffjohnson123 Nov 20, 2012

    If Rouzer had backed stiffer imigration policies, he would likely have one. I would have voted for him had he done so and I'm certain others would have.

  • Brogden Nov 20, 2012

    godnessgracious2 - you never saw one of Mike's ads on TV? Gosh! He spent in excess of $2million and you didn't see one of his ads? Not one? If I were him, I would demand my ad money be returned!
    You must not have a TV!

  • godnessgracious2 Nov 20, 2012

    I never once saw one of Mike McIntyre's TV ad's but I saw plenty of Rouzer's dishonest attack ads. Even with the gerrymandered district and all that superPAC money, he still couldn't win. Now he's got to waste our money delaying the inevitable. Just give it up, you lost. Maybe Mississippi or Louisiana will give you a seat. I hear they hate books and science too. You will have better luck there. Now, go away!


  • Mr. Middle of the Road Nov 20, 2012

    This is ridiculous. What is it about 'you lost dude" Mr. Rouzier doesn't understand? Guess he thinks Art Pope can save him. Typical lobbyist.

  • rushbot Nov 20, 2012

    Wow. A republican who could not get elected in a state election in 2012. This guy must be really awful.

  • FourAutumn Nov 20, 2012

    "600 votes is NOT a big difference. 6000 IS. Percentages aren't as important when talking about the actual number of votes, and with all the changes already being reported around the country, this is definitely deserved"

    Sorry....if you have 4,000,000 votes, 6000 is NOT a big number. It is a smaller number, % wise, than the 600 in this election.

    You don't just look at the vote difference, you have to look at the total number of votes for those that "potentially" could change.


  • HopingForABetterWorld Nov 20, 2012

    Basic math mayhem, and FourAutumn...600 votes is NOT a big difference. 6000 IS. Percentages aren't as important when talking about the actual number of votes, and with all the changes already being reported around the country, this is definitely deserved.
    And I am NOT a Repub...just counting the votes.

  • FourAutumn Nov 20, 2012

    "in light of the irregularity previously found in Bladen County'

    Seems like the losing candidate is grasping at straws.

    The REAL story...

    "But Bladen County Elections Director Cynthia Shaw said the Rouzer campaign was mischaracterizing a temporary glitch that didn’t change the outcome.
    “I would appreciate it if the David Rouzer campaign called me,” Shaw said Tuesday morning. “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”
    Shaw said votes from a single precinct were accidentally counted twice after a battery in a computer card fell out. That led to the votes on the computer card being read in twice, she said. The duplication was discovered and corrected, Shaw said."

    No "irregularity" at all. Just another Republican attempt at stirring up "voter fraud" stories.

    How sad.

  • OpenM1nd Nov 20, 2012

    Come on, don't be a sore Roo-zer...

  • FourAutumn Nov 20, 2012

    "It's too close to ignore the possibility of human error making a difference"

    So was the Lt Governor race, when you compare the % difference. However, the losing candidate in that case stepped aside and, as far as I can tell, the winning candidate thinks his election is a "sure thing".