Romney to visit Asheville on Thursday

Posted October 8, 2012

— Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will visit Asheville on Thursday, according to his campaign. 

He will be joined by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee for a rally at the U.S. Cellular Center, at 87 Haywood St., at 5:30 p.m.

With four weeks until the election, North Carolina remains a fierce battleground for Romney and Democratic President Barack Obama, according to a WRAL News poll released last week.

SurveyUSA polled 573 likely voters statewide and found that 49 percent would vote for Obama and 47 percent for Romney if the election were held now. The remaining 4 percent were either undecided or voting for another candidate.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points, meaning the president and the former Massachusetts governor are in a virtual dead heat for North Carolina's 15 electoral votes.

The race has been tight for months. A WRAL News poll in May showed Romney ahead of Obama 45 to 44 percent.

In May, Romney was preferred by male voters by a 51 to 38 percent margin, while Obama was favored by female voters by 50 to 40 percent. Now, Romney's edge among male voters is down to 51 to 44 percent, while Obama's lead among female voters is 53 to 44 percent.

In the latest poll, Romney holds a slight lead among the coveted middle-class voters, 50 to 45 percent among those with annual incomes of $40,000 to $80,000. Meanwhile, the candidates are tied among wealthier voters, while Obama has a 13-point lead among lower-income voters.

The candidates are splitting independent voters – the poll shows Romney with a 45 to 43 percent lead – and 15 percent of Democrats said they won't support the president's re-election. Only 6 percent of Republican voters said they would vote for Obama.


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  • lopo Oct 10, 2012

    Asheville? Thats going to be a tuff sale for him. Asheville has a very high gay population and very hight liberal community. Thats where the elementary school children was singing songs for Obama. Not a good place for a conservative/ christian.

  • Lightfoot3 Oct 10, 2012

    But, but, but, the traffic! Oh, I'm sorry, that complaint is only used with Democratic politicians.

  • Lightfoot3 Oct 9, 2012

    "Don't know about polls, don't pay much attention, but here's a report you won't find on this website" - Nancy


  • Rebelyell55 Oct 9, 2012

    If the polls are any indication, it would appear that most voters are waking up to the real issues.

  • PanthersFan45 Oct 9, 2012

    I think Romney has made more visits to this state than Obama in recent months. Outside of the Democratis Convention, I've only noticed Michelle Obama making visits to NC.

  • Offshore Oct 9, 2012

    Obama said it himself in the debate: "you're (Romney) going to have a busy first day!" Even Obama expects to lose. Why anyone would vote for Obama is beyond me, what a train wreck.

  • Offshore Oct 9, 2012

    slawyrick: Why is he NOW coming to NC, is he going to change his mind again on his policies? I would hope that the people in NC can see through his "I'll say what ever you want to hear" message!

    I'm confused, I thought they said Romney was coming to Asheville. Since Obama will say anything you want to hear and has proven it in the 2008 election (gov't transparency, bipartisanship, cutting the deficit, leadership... oh wait, he never said that and has never performed it)

  • juozasrobert Oct 8, 2012

    He’s (Romney) certainly being dishonest about his own record! When he says that he had the endorsement of the NRA, he did not. When he says he didn’t raise taxes, and in fact, there were $500 million in fees raised during this time. When he talks about my record or John McCain’s. “He’s making up stuff, it’s just incredible. In Arkansas, we call it DISHONESTY.”
    - Mike Huckabee, Fox News commentator and former Governor
    (P.S - Sound familiar with Romney’s dishonest tactics speaking in the first debate with Obama!)

  • DAR-Patriot Oct 8, 2012

    I would suggest all you folks who think only Republicans are rich check out the "worth" of some of your elected officials. Did you know that Nancy Pelosi and her hubby are worth $54,000,000? Check out a few others....I guess from all the "foaming at the mouth" it is OK to be rich if you are a Democrat but not if you are a Republican. My mother taught me that kind of attitude was being "two faced."

  • Nancy Oct 8, 2012

    Don't know about polls, don't pay much attention, but here's a report you won't find on this website:

    "The poll, conducted by Pew Research Center from Thursday through Sunday and released on Monday, shows Romney leading Obama among likely voters nationwide, 49 percent to 45 percent. That's a stark contrast from Pew's mid-September poll after both parties' conventions, which showed Obama up 8 points among likely voters. "