Confident Romney campaign shifts focus away from North Carolina

Posted October 18, 2012
Updated October 19, 2012

— With just one day of early voting in the books, Republican Mitt Romney made the decision to pull his campaign spokesman from North Carolina to focus on states where his margin is more narrow.

"With the increasingly widening polls in North Carolina, we will continue to allocate resources, including key senior staff, to other states," said Romney campaign spokesman Michael Levoff. He was referring to a recent Gallup poll that shows the Republican has opened a 7 percentage point lead on President Barack Obama.

"As we enter the final weeks of the campaign, it is clear that Governor Romney's plan to strengthen the middle class, create 12 million jobs and tackle the soaring national debt has resonated strongly with North Carolinians," Levoff continued.

But Brad Woodhouse, communications director for the Democratic National Committee, called the move a bluff, saying he suspects the Romney campaign of presenting false optimism in hopes of keeping Democrats from the polls.

"I think this is a head fake. I think they are pretending to leave North Carolina," Woodhouse said.

Dr. Andrew Binder, an assistant professor of communication at North Carolina State University, said whatever the reason, the move seems premature.

"Making an assertion that we're going to move our people out because of a clearly widening poll margin seems like something of a stretch," Binder said.

While the Gallup poll has Romney up, other polls show Obama with a slight margin and, Binder pointed out, polls of North Carolina voters have been within four points either way for months. A WRAL News poll during the first week of October showed Obama with a two-point lead. That poll had a margin of error of 4 percent.

North Carolina Obama campaign spokesman Cameron French says it remains fully committed to North Carolina and Romney is signaling he's taking North Carolina votes for granted.

Binder said Romney may be calculating an even tighter race in Ohio, a swing state with more electoral votes. "The difference there is worth a lot," he said.

Woodhouse countered that the move might simply be spin to cover the fact that Romney needs more help in Ohio.



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  • computer trainer Oct 19, 2012

    Mitt Romney has plenty of folks still on NC fighting the good fight. We have worked hard and will continue to until the end of election day.

  • Ripcord Oct 19, 2012

    "What has President Obama spent money on that isn't a legacy of Bush 43?"

    Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, A123, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, a giant Stimulus, etc, etc, etc...

  • carolinajoy Oct 19, 2012

    2008 Obama 49.9 vs mccain 49.5 in nc and this was when obama was at his most popular no chance Onama wins nc in 2112

  • Tax Man Oct 19, 2012

    We know Romney and Ryan will sweep NC - just need to make sure they take the other swing states. Let's have that last debate and move to the election!

  • uscnnc Oct 19, 2012

    Romney is starting to hurt for money as they messed up their Ad planning and the PACS can't get the cheap rates that Parties can. The GOP know that it doesn't really matter if they win NC or not and they are so far behind in other states which will decide the question they are likely moving the money there in a last ditch attempt to win.

    That's delusional liberal thinking. Romney and the RNC have more cash on hand than Obama. NC,VA,Fl will all go back red this year.

  • fehanline Oct 19, 2012

    Thanks snshine62d, here's some other things I never seen answered that passes a fact check:

    Two questions I have never heard answered:

    1: How is Romney's idea of increasing the debt load by $6.8 Trillion ($680 B/yr by reducing taxes & increasing military spending) going to help pay off the debt?

    2: What has President Obama spent money on that isn't a legacy of Bush 43?

  • Grand Union Oct 19, 2012

    "In North Carolina, a Grove Insight polls shows Obama leading Romney 47 percent to 44 percent, but that poll could be an outlier."


    Difference is within the margin of error.....

  • unc70 Oct 19, 2012

    Here is the link to that poll. It is a Dem outfit, but usually pretty good. I would believe it at least as much as Rasmussen and far more than Gallop, ARG, or Gravis. I expect NC to go down to the wire just like last time.


  • corgimom06 Oct 19, 2012

    As much as I would like to see Obama win NC again, it really doesn't matter. Even if Romney takes NC, as long as Obama holds onto Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa (and he is currently up in all 3) and carries all the left leaning states, he wins. I would not be surpised if Obama carries the EC but loses the popular vote which will be poetic justice for the righties since Gore won the popular vote but lost the EC to W.

  • NYtoNC81 Oct 19, 2012

    unc70: New poll has Obama up by 3% in NC. NC is still in play.

    Me: Link? I haven't seen that anywhere. I'm voting for Obama but I don't believe for a second he has anything but a sliver of a chance to win this state.

    North Carolina isn't even really a swing state. Romney needs Ohio or both Wisconsin and Iowa to have a change. This state, like almost all of the South, just doesn't matter for the electoral college.