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Rome alive with excitement, anticipation of conclave

Posted March 11, 2013

The conclave begins Tuesday, and today Rome and Vatican City are alive.

The solemness of the weekend has evaporated and excitement has returned. Our live location with CBS News is on top of a convent just outside the Colonnade at St. Peter's Square. A few of the cardinals are staying here.

I rode the elevator with one this morning. It's a slow elevator. Conversation was good. Questions and comments brief. "Good morning, your Eminence," as I nodded. "Good morning."

"Are we close?" I asked. He responded: "We'll see. God knows what God is doing,"

"As do the Cardinals?" I slightly pushed.

"All will be done in good time," he said.

As we parted, I thanked him and he smiled and gave me a blessing.

Monday in Rome: Waiting for the conclave Monday in Rome: Waiting for the conclave

It's an amazing time to be here. We could see the first smoke by 7 p.m. tomorrow. Black smoke for the first few ballots is expected. Who knows? Could be white early. We could be here awhile. As the Cardinal said, "God knows."

Much work awaits whoever is chosen. Much healing needs to take place, or even begin, for so many. Problems for this massive church are nowhere near being resolved, yet the church continues. The work continues. The prayers are ever present.

Tonight at 5 and 6 p.m. we'll talk about those problems with young Catholics and we'll talk with North Carolinians here, in Rome, at this exciting and historic time.



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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Mar 18, 2013

    Do you think it is “ignorant, disrespectful, hateful and intolerant” to ask which “old, white, celibate man” they will elect pope? If so, why?

    And, can anyone think of another institution where they harm so more children, cover it up & oppress women more? Why is such a group worthy of respect? I mean, do we respect people because of who they *say* they are or because of what they actually do (e.g. ignore the problem, stifle prosecution, protect the guilty, etc.)?

  • Pentagram Mar 11, 2013

    F@#% the ignorant Baptists. F@#& the ignorant Evangelicals and F@#% all of the people who voted for amendment #1.

  • atheistswillrule Mar 11, 2013

    And though we all believe that men and women are equal, most understand that men and women have differing rolesThis also applies to the family: head of the family is the father, etc. wirklich

    No dummy, what it means is that the bible was written by a bunch of misogynistic pigs ( much like the current inhabitants of the holy land/middle east). You saying that the man is the "head of the family" doesn't mean SQUAT in the real world.

  • Wirklich Mar 11, 2013

    I realize this discussion is about the election of the Catholic pope, but several commented about the women's role in the church.

    From a conservative Baptist perspective, many ministries of the church would not exist without the wisdom and compassion of Christian women.

    And though we all believe that men and women are equal, most understand that men and women have differing roles (much like the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit. All equal- but different roles.)This also applies to the family: head of the family is the father, etc.

    The belief that the role of pastor/elder should be reserved for men is based upon this theological understanding of the Trinity, the hierarchy of family leadership taught in scripture as well as several other Biblical references, one of which is I Timothy 2, among others; as well as the early church's position on the matter.

    I would assume that the rationale for electing a male pope is based upon some of the same scripture and early church teachings.

  • Six String Mar 11, 2013

    Incorrect Ken D, go back to the books my friend. They were defined by the Council of Nicea only to some degree. However, they were common beliefs, going all the way back to the apostles -- some more so than others, but still held in common belief and practice. That is precisely why they were included in the book of books we call the Bible. There is a lot of controvery about Constantine and exactly what he did do, and there is a great deal of disagreement on that subject. He merged some pagan ideas into Christianity and thought of himself as a god on earth. There is controvery over whether he actually converted to Christianity or whether it was an expedient political move. Scholars are still uncovering evidence for that, stay tuned.

  • Six String Mar 11, 2013

    "I'm just a Baptist so someone educate me and tell me why the Pope can't be a female and who made the rules that say they can't. I think God would here the prayers from a female as much as a male." dennis23

    I wish I could explain that easily, and I'm sure it has to do with traditions of the time as well as through the years. I would tend to agree with you on that and there are some other issues within the church as well. Consider that many priests (not all) will refuse communion to a visitor if that person is not Catholic out of a reasoning that considers the host and wine to be consecrated and holy. Not that I doubt that, but I think that if Jesus stopped by during the Eucharist, he might perhaps disagree with this.

  • pulstar40 Mar 11, 2013

    Are there that many Catholics in the Triangle to justify WRAL sending it's own reporter to cover the story? Just get the info from CBS.

  • meeper Mar 11, 2013

    This is all nonsense. Where is any of this in the Bible? Do you thing God really cares about Popes, Cardinals, or Bishops more than the rest of us? They are just men nothing more.

  • atheistswillrule Mar 11, 2013

    Wow, Congratulations to David Crabtree on his free trip to Rome! Gorgeous city, great food and a history that goes back WAY before christianity. If I had to be religious, I think I'd pick one of the old Roman Gods. They had more fun, more sex, better food and people were not brow beaten for sinning like the xtians started up.

  • NoBibleBabble Mar 11, 2013

    You all talking about skin color and such....The Pope is just another human, no more no less. Id put Billy Graham up against him any day. Raleigh Rocks 1

    That really must be the most stupid comment of the day. Each and every person who has the misfortune to read your comment probably lost 20 I.Q. points just enduring it. Both of them are just men, and both represent the worship of some mythological "sky god" that doesn't even exist.




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