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Rolesville subdivision objects to proposed bus route

Posted August 15, 2008

— Residents in the Hampton Pointe subdivision attended a heated meeting Thursday with school officials over a proposed school bus route.

The proposed route would send all buses from Rolesville Middle School through the neighborhood. The middle school is being built on Burlington Mills Road near Highway 401.

Residents are putting together alternative routes for consideration. They plan to present them to school officials.


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  • cyoung007 Aug 18, 2008

    All the buses right through a subdivision? That sounds like poor planning to me.

  • thager614 Aug 15, 2008

    How can you call us selfish when you do not live here. Buying a house is an investment and I know for a fact that this can bring the value of our homes down. Unless you have money to just throw away I would suggest you keep your mindless comments to yourself. It is quite humourous to me that people always comment on issues that they do not know anything about. Until you become a resident of Hampton Point your opinion does not matter to any of us.

  • webfoot1973 Aug 15, 2008

    There you go again...opening your mouths before you know the whole truth.... I live in Hampton Point...we are for the school, just not having the bus route run through our neighborhood. We have one entrance, which is hard enough to get out of in the morning and to add 26 buses in the mix would cause a major trafic situation.
    Selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you even know where Hampton Point is???? much less ROLESVILLE!!!!!!

  • superman Aug 15, 2008

    Geez-- what can the school board do to please people. Many subdivisions would appreciate the buses going thru the neighborhood and picking up the students. No wonder that people sometimes feel the school board does whatever they want and not listen to people. The board cant please some people no matter what they do. The main issue in our subdivison with me is that we live in the country and we have about 3 or 4 different companies picking up trash. So we have big trash trucks coming in almost every day and tearing up our 35 year old road that has never been resurfaced. Neighbor petitions have not done anything except wasted our time and efforts. All we can do is to manage to get the potholes repaired.

  • momeeee Aug 15, 2008

    Oh noooo - Not school buses - I'm sure they will just ride through their n'hood all day long.

  • WhatIsTheDrama Aug 15, 2008

    Are there neighborhood bus stops in their precious subdivision??? I bet they don't mind THOSE buses going through their neighborhood!!!

  • wolfbearrtp2 Aug 15, 2008


  • JohnnyMalaria Aug 15, 2008

    How selfish.