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Rolesville man charged in rape of 6-year-old

Posted June 10, 2010

— A 29-year-old Rolesville man was charged last week with sexually abusing his girlfriend's 6-year-old daughter over the course of a year.

Gregory Allen Boykin faces one count of rape of a child and three counts of felony sexual offense with a child.

The girl told a teacher about the abuse in early May, initiating an investigation by the Wake County Sheriff's Office, according to a search warrant returned Thursday. The abuse started in May 2009, the warrant states.

Investigators took DNA samples from the girl and Boykin and seized a love seat they believe has DNA evidence on it.

Boykin was being held in the Wake County jail Thursday under a $500,000 secured bond.

A judge has ordered that if released on bond, he will be placed under electronic house arrest and must stay away from the victim and not contact her.


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  • jannieboo66 Jun 11, 2010

    To everyone that says "why blame the mother"? because she is to blame. Evidently she isn't doing her job as a mother. Child had to be walking funny and complaining. Do some of you wonder why she went and told the teacher? because mommy brushed her off. She is only six years old, I am pretty sure she isn't washing her own clothes. Then again she could have, some parents think it is cute pushing their children to grow up fast. Not for one second do I believe mother didn't know. Sick dog, lock him up and throw away the key. Majority of child molesters are still protected in jail, they don't put them in with the population.

  • TomLynda Jun 10, 2010

    So sorry it happened to your daughter. My first wife was 10 when her dad started with her. This was back in the mid 50's to the 60's, and there wasn't the counseling and help that is available now. It affected her the rest of her life mentally. She died at age 46 of MS, but she never really got over the abuse. I'm glad your daughter is doing good. Maybe since it wasn't her father she can deal with it a lot better, though she will always remember it.

    In your case there probably wasn't a lot you could have done differently. Age 11 and age 6 are different ball games, so to speak, and she was scared for your safety. Thank God she finally told a trusted teacher.

  • kbvents Jun 10, 2010

    Thank god this child told her teacher, my daughter did the same (my daughter was 11 though). She did not tell me because the jerk had threatened to kill me if she told me. This was not a boyfriend or someone I brought into the home, but was the corner store owner: educated, personable and a preditor. These people plan what they are doing and trap the innocent.

    Hold off on judging the mom too soon. She has a long road ahead of her with her daughter, counseling, trust issues, self esteem issues not to mention the mom's own well being. It has been 8 years since my daughter came forward, and I still question what I should have done differently.

    In our case, the jerk went to jail, is on the sex offenders list and my daughter is now a thriving college student.

  • grandmagail Jun 10, 2010

    How sick can a person be? This is terrible and I hope he is sent away for the rest of his life. No child would be safe with him on the loose.

  • TomLynda Jun 10, 2010


    Agreed, and I have lived next to a convicted murder. As you said, it was a crime of passion, which most people could do under the right circumstances. But a pedophile never, ever changes. They will seek out little boys and girls for the rest of their lives. No way I want one of them in my neighborhood. Either keep them locked up for the rest of their lives or execute them. No exceptions.

  • cwood3 Jun 10, 2010

    Sad-tragic-wow-unbelievable!! Pick your favorite word to describe this event. I understand that he is innocent until proven guilty ina court of law.

    Life in prison is too short for this pervert!! Prisoners take care of perverts-those guys inside take care of those who harm children. He might rather be dead.

  • wayneboyd Jun 10, 2010

    He will face trial, be convicted and forced to register as a sex offender, move in to someones neighborhood,like yours, and when no one will hire him because of his conviction you'll have to go get a job and support him because society won't let him do it for himself, and while you're at work he'll be watching your kids like a vulture
    The criminal justice system in North Carolina sucks big time. We the people are playing nursemaid to the criminals while the DOC crowd lives the life of Riley. I'd much rather live in the neighborhood with a murderer, he probably committed his crime in a act of passion and chances are he'd never do it again, those who prey on children are like vultures they never stop until they die. They even admit this themselves.

  • JAT Jun 10, 2010

    Snickers, calm down. I didn't say any of was or wasn't proven. I'm just saying there's more the mom if he's that bad and got custody. Maybe she couldn't provide a house, and his family did. Maybe she just had an awful lawyer. I don't know and don't really care.

  • Prancy Jun 10, 2010

    With what we know today, no one but the mother or grandmother should be aiding with bathing or dressing a 6 year-old little girl and if this mother was doing that, she should have seen evidence of the abuse.

    You cannot risk allowing any man, including boyfriends with your little girls. I know it sounds bad, but it's too risky to allow uncles, older cousins, neighbors or preachers to be alone with your daughters too. It's just too much child sexual abuse. It's always been around but we just hear of it now more often.

    If all of the child sex offenders were brought to court, the courtrooms would be overflowing! Everyone says, that child sex abuse is so sick, that it just horrible, lock up those monsters, but those abusers are from all kinds of homes and families. They are your trusted friends, neighbors, family members, teachers, scout leaders, preachers, etc. These people don't have horns and most are quite likable and kind to the chilren in order to win everyone's trust. Paren

  • mochabrown Jun 10, 2010

    Give him over to the TALIBAN.....problem solved