Rolesville Bypass delayed again

Posted October 1, 2014

— Residents won't see some traffic relief along U.S. Highway 401 in Rolesville until at least December, officials said Wednesday.

Work began on the 6-mile route around the Wake County town's south side three years ago and was expected to be complete in July. The completion date was then moved back to September because of weather delays and unexpected rock that needed to be cleared from the route.

Now, the completion date has been pushed back a second time, putting it in danger of not opening until 2015.

The new delay comes as no surprise to Rolesville residents.

"They are all fed up, and they all kinda laugh," Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles said. "We get a date and everybody kinda laughs."

Some residents wonder if the roadway will ever be finished.

"I think we have about given up on the bypass," said Jesse Burrows, who lives near the town.

Despite the delays, North Carolina Department of Transportation officials said in June that the project was still within its $25 million budget.

Between 2000 and 2010, Rolesville quadrupled its population, which has contributed to the traffic congestion.

"We have people moving here everyday," Eagles said.


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  • NoRespect Oct 2, 2014

    This "rock" problem has been known from the very start. Near the Southern end, there is a massive rock formation that is in the direct path of the road. And, for months and months, the DOT did not work on breaking it up. Interestingly, they are now using that as an excuse for not finishing on time.

    And, none of the intersections have been developed... NONE! So, what has been accomplished is a hodge-podge of short sections, some of which have some pavement on them, many do not. But, they are not connected to anything!

    How the DOT can continue to lie about the status of this project is just amazing to me.

  • heard-it-all-before Oct 2, 2014

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    haha or maybe the did that here. hense the lousy report!

  • Eq Videri Oct 2, 2014
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    I guess this is Pat McCrory's new and improved Department of Transportation, LOL.

  • Gary_too Oct 2, 2014

    What is the reason for the current delay? I would think a reporter would report that since it was the reason for the story. Maybe WRAL could take one of the five reporters that they have attacking Republicans full time to cover stories that residents care about?

  • bobbyj Oct 2, 2014

    They hit rock I'm shocked there is rock and North Wake County.

  • 37 Oct 2, 2014

    Saying that they have "unexpected rock" is ridiculous. Anyone familiar with the area knows that there was once a functioning rock quarry there. That's why one of the nearest roads is Quarry Rd. Not realizing that there was a significant amount of rock means that DOT again failed to properly plan a project.

  • beef Oct 1, 2014

    The bypass website inidcates that work is progressing on the Young Street intersection, so I went out to take a look. They have not done anything since I was last there 3 weeks ago. They have a lot to do before the end of October.

  • beef Oct 1, 2014

    I live less than a mile from the construction. Most of what you can see from the cross streets is not yet paved, and they have not started on the intersections. I doubt it will be open until spring at the earliest, and probably not until summer.

  • Opinionated1 Oct 1, 2014

    Yes the traffic quadrupled, but another source of the traffic issues are related to the new high school and associated traffic (based on the volumes, every kid must car pool, instead of ride the bus). Also, not sure why they did not open the route section by section, in lieu of waiting to open the entire route. They could have opened the section from the Raleigh side to the high school, which would have helped to negate some of the congestion.