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Rocky Mount woman located

Posted January 12, 2010
Updated January 13, 2010

— Rocky Mount police said Wednesday that 25-year-old woman reported missing earlier this week has been located.

Ashley Danielle Balance, also known as Ashley Hill, was reported missing by her mother on Sunday. Authorities said she contacted her mother on Wednesday.

Police said Balance is still a suspect in the unauthorized use of a four-door white 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier with N.C. tag number ZNA-5913. The vehicle has not been located and may be in the Wilson area, police said.

Balance's friend Ali Marzouq filed the report on the vehicle, which belongs to his sister.

Marzouq told authorities that he last saw Balance on Friday when they went to the Kangaroo Express Store, 3601 Sunset Ave. Marzouq said he went inside the store while Balance stayed outside in the car. Marzouq said when he exited the store, Balance and car were gone.


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  • babybrnngrbbr64 Jan 14, 2010

    Seriously, I mean the investigation is still ongoing, and the authorities have not declared who is guilty or not, so why is everyone jumping the gun and accusing Ashley?? And it seems to me like everyone up here is basing there information on the second RM Telegram article which is Ali Marzouq's story...doesn't anyone want to hear Ashley's side?? I know I do!! I am not going to hold her past record against her, I mean she could have changed...this society thinks that just because someone messed up in the past, they are going to mess up again. I looked at her record, and her charges where from 2006. That was over three years ago, she could have cleaned up her act!! All I am saying is that everyone needs to stop assuming that she stole the car until the authorities say that she did!! In this country, we have the motto of "Innocent until proven guilty" and without any proof, everyone is claiming that Ashley is guilty!! I find this unjust!! Just think about it!! Do you think it's fair??

  • r u crazy too Jan 13, 2010

    Are you really believing in what the Telegram prints?

  • 3kidslady Jan 13, 2010

    Ashley Danielle Balance, reported missing to RMPD on 1/10/10 was located on today's date, 1/13/10 in Wilson, N.C. Balance contacted her mother upon learning of her missing person status and Balance has returned home. RMPD is continuing to investigate this case.


    An unauthorized use of motor vehicle case, in which Balance is a suspect, is still under investigation. This vehicle, a 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier, 4 door, white in color, NC Registration ZNA-5913, has not been located and may be in the Wilson, NC area.

  • kandykisses Jan 13, 2010

    Why is everyone jumping on 3kidslady's comment? She's not stating her opinion of Ashley, she's stating the facts printed in the Telegram. Bottom line, if you don't like it, take it up with the Telegram. Geeeez people!

  • awomnsptofview Jan 13, 2010

    What is Unauthorized use of a motor conveyance? Sounds like she stole something then tried to burn it up ( attempted arson ). She spent 3 years in prison for this.

  • babybrnngrbbr64 Jan 13, 2010

    Just to add some information, how does a person judge another person, has anyone actually talked to Ashley, what about her family, how do you think it makes her family feel when they are trying to, no begging the community for help in finding their loved one, and its so easy for some of you to just automatically think the worst, maybe you should talk to the D.O.C. and see how they feel about Ashley, how they know she was trying to help other inmates in prison get their lives straight. Or how she was planning to go to go back to school, so she can get a job. It makes me sick to my stomach how inconsiderate some of the people in this town are. What if it was your child, your sister, your mother, your best-friend, what kind of help would you want to receive? remember you get what you give!!!

  • babybrnngrbbr64 Jan 13, 2010

    Ali and Ashley knew each other! They had been hanging out all night! And she could have been a good girl, you never know. So what, She went to prison! She also served her time and was trying to get her life straight!! I do not think she stole his car...he's lying!!! For those who do not know the whole story, read the RM Telegram and the comments!! There is very good information in the comments!! People who know Ashley have commented up there!! You could learn something about the case!!

  • 3kidslady Jan 13, 2010

    When they print it in the newspaper, its not telling everything you know. Get real. The Telegram reported the whole story, WRAL did not.
    You can read it here in black and white.

  • teacher-mom Jan 13, 2010

    I hope they find her and the car. I know Ali; he is okay. I do not know the woman. She might have been coming to or leaving work. We do not know. I think her private life is hers. You do not need to tell everything you know about someone. Turn around is fair play.

  • 3kidslady Jan 13, 2010

    There seem to be alot of details missing from WRAL. Makes it sound like she was some sort of "good girl" I think WRAL left out that she got out of prison less than a month ago, was in for 6 years. I also think they left out that it was at 6 am that she was at the gas station. What reason are you at a gas station at 6am unless you are going to or coming from work? She was up to no good and stole a car and is probably shacked up somewhere having a grand ole time....ex cons go back to prison for violating parole....stealing cars is a violation of parole. Shes hiding. Sad for her son, who is 7....never known her probably.