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Rocky Mount woman accused of leaving children in car

Posted August 4, 2011

— A Rocky Mount woman is accused of leaving six young children in a car for a half hour. 

Police say Vivian Denise Stokes, 26, left children ages 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 in a car with the engine running while she shopped at Walmart, 1511 Benvenue Road in Rocky Mount, on Tuesday afternoon.  

Stokes is charged with six counts of child neglect and possession of stolen property/license tag.

Stokes was given a $5,000 bond.  

The juveniles were placed in the custody of a family member.


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  • meisha27801 Aug 5, 2011

    I am a mother of three army veteran and have my Bachelors in Early childhood education. The law is there to teach. This new law has just came about in several states and some people who have never been told before do not know. This young woman is a relative of mine and your profile of her storchheim is very ignorant.
    All of the children were not hers and yes it was a bad judgement call before her but know your facts before you start degrading. How many harmful things have you done...just because you have not gotten caught does not make it right.
    This report did not report any harm to the children did it ?so how does that make her a bad mother? And the young woman only has 3 children and a very good job as well as college education. Like I said know your facts and worry about your life before you profile a black woman as being uneducated and on government assistance with six baby daddys.

  • Love my boys Aug 5, 2011

    I don't care if it was 1 child left alone or 10! Wrong is wrong. No child should be left alone in a vehicle, engine running or not. I have 3 children and none of them are left alone in the vehicle in a public place. And if I see someone leaving a child alone in a vehicle, I'm the one that calls 911 to report it. There is no excuse for stupidity and this is a prime example.

  • storchheim Aug 5, 2011

    CarolinaGrl, re your comment about the relative severity of the alleged crime: maybe there's a "cumulative" effect and this incident was the last straw for tolerating the sheer stupidity and destruction this woman has most likely wrought.

    Assuming everything turns out to be true: she's a thief and a liar (stolen goods). If all the kids are hers, she started breeding at age 17 and never stopped. Anyone want to bet she's NOT on all types of govt assistance, unemployed, and that each kid has a different daddy? Anyone on assistance who has that many kids is a thief each time she pushes out another.

    Don't even bother playing the race card or protesting that I don't KNOW she's on govt assistance. If it looks like a duck...

  • storchheim Aug 5, 2011

    It depends on the maturity of the child. I wouldn't leave that many very young kids with a 9 yo. Even 2 kids for an 11 yo is about the limit, and that's in a nice safe home, with parents a phone call away and trusted neighbors next door.

    It didn't specifically say the kids were hers, but they were ALL left with a relative, so it's a safe bet.

    I don't care how mature a 9 yo (or any age) is, they can't stand up to a kidnapper who's been watching from afar. I occasionally take a teenaged neighbor boy to the mall, street fair, etc., because he helps me around the yard and he's a nice kid who loves people and is a ray of sunshine. I don't dare let him walk away more than about 50 feet, and only then if I know I can jump up and chase a kidnapper down. I'm not kidding, there are some real sickos out there and we all know it.

    Finally, and this is somewhat off-topic, but I hate like heck when I see people sitting in a parking lot with the engine running. I'll bet each one of them

  • LoveBeingAMommy Aug 5, 2011

    Even though I think it was wrong to leave the kids in the car, give the nine year old some credit. Cause my nine year old can wash bottles, make bottles properly, do dishes better than some adults, change diapers, dress the other kids and everything..... I rather her babysit for me than my 15yr old sister.

  • bigpinkstork Aug 5, 2011

    Look again, michelle's niece--my comments are on both stories, and I stand by them. Touching kids=horribly wrong. Neglecting kids=just plain wrong. The fact that someone else did something worse doesn't make this woman's behavior okay.

  • wakemom Aug 5, 2011

    fuuny how you folks are in here bashing this mom yet there is a story about a dad that has been touching young kids. i dont see any of your names in there. i wonder why??

  • beffie1963 Aug 5, 2011

    luvmyjack, I hope you're being facetious. If not, you're a simpleton.

    Just this week, an employee where I work left their 4-year old in the car with the windows down & the keys in the ignition while he attended a team huddle. Security saw the child alone in the car & notified his manager. When Dad was confronted he couldn't understand what the big deal was. The cops and DSS had a different opinion. I used to have a little respect for the guy but not any more.

    No child should EVER be left alone in a car. Period.

  • JAT Aug 5, 2011

    Lots of censorship on this one today.

  • sicntired Aug 5, 2011

    ok - the car was running yes, who says the A/C was working!?! And think about it people, a 9 yr. old can NOT handle all 5 other kids! Not to mention the stolen tags....she deserved what she got.