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Rocky Mount standoff suspect has died

Posted May 27, 2009

— The Rocky Mount man who held law enforcement officers at bay for almost 20 hours earlier this week has died, the Nash County Sheriff’s Office said.

Thomas Austin Rose, 22, shot himself Tuesday morning as State Bureau of Investigation agents entered the home where he had barricaded himself.

Deputies were trying to serve Rose outstanding warrants for a probation violation and a larceny charge when Rose barricaded himself inside a friend's house at 724 Dana Lane. No one else was inside the house at the time.

An SBI special response team was called in early Tuesday, and Nash County Sheriff Richard Jenkins said agents began making a move toward the house around 9:15 a.m.

As agents entered the house and were looking around, they heard a gunshot. They found Rose in either a closet or pantry, Jenkins said.

Rose had a criminal record dating to 2004, and he had been in and out of jail since 2005, according to court records. Some of his charges were breaking and entering, resisting a public officer and possession of stolen goods.


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  • r u crazy too May 28, 2009

    I happen to know the young man, admittedly not very well. And he made a lot of bad decisions. I feel for his family. But, I also wonder about his "friend" and his life and home. His life, his home was affected through no fault of his own. The friend's house should be repaired, at least. I don't think the Rocky Mount police and taxpayers should pay. I don't think the friend should pay and I don't think the Rose family should pay. So, who is legally responsible? It's just a simple question! Tell you the truth, Rose was 22, an adult. I'm sorry for the loss of any life, but hard as though it may seem, he made his own decisions. At least it's not dragging on through the courts for years. I know its tough on the family, but at least its over. Every time that guy walks in his house he's going to "see" results of Rose's action.

  • sjeg May 28, 2009

    What jerks in this world. A young man is dead and your worried about who's paying for the damage. How unthoughtful.

  • therose2005 May 28, 2009

    This is sad, but he didn`t want to go back to jail,save the taxpayers some money, i feel for his family.

  • garden May 28, 2009

    A young man is dead, lives are shattered and you are concerned about damage to a house. How about damage to lives.

  • r u crazy too May 28, 2009

    Who is responsible for paying for the damages to the house?

  • ncguy May 28, 2009

    What a young age to take ones life??

    Thoughts to the Rose family.

  • Esq May 28, 2009

    just do your little time and come out..not worth offing yourself over it