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Rocky Mount police: Robbers targeting women in parking lots

Posted October 29, 2009
Updated October 30, 2009

— Rocky Mount police are investigating reports of between one and three men in an SUV searching the parking lots of businesses for women to rob or defraud.

Police said the men have been driving either a black SUV or a 2007 midnight blue Kia Sorento, with N.C. license plate XNN 6802. They reportedly drive up to women in the parking lots of restaurants, grocery stores and other retail establishments and ask for money.

What to do if you are the victim of fraud or robbery

Investigators are trying to determine if a common-law robbery on Wednesday evening is linked.

A woman told police she was waiting in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel, 238 Enterprise Drive, while her daughter applied for a job around 6:15 p.m.

She noticed an SUV, possibly an Isuzu, circling the lot, police said. The SUV pulled in front of her, blocking her in, and a man got out. Police said the woman got out of her vehicle, and the man asked her for money. She told him she didn't have any cash.

A second man then got out of the SUV and told her to listen to the first man and follow him to the gas station, police said. He got into the back seat of her vehicle, and fearing for her safety, she followed the men's SUV to a Hess station on English Road and bought them $20 of gas.

The men then drove away, going west on English Road, police said.

If you observe any suspicious activity such as that described above, contact Rocky Mount police immediately at 252-972-1411 or call 911 for emergencies.

Anyone who needs to report fraud should contact lead investigator Detective Tim Hathaway at 252-972-1463.


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  • flyguync Oct 29, 2009

    Word to the wise - if you visit Rocky Mount, you need to be packing!!!

  • dws Oct 29, 2009

    staring down the wrong end of a .357 or .44 works wonders

  • 6079 SMITH W Oct 29, 2009

    Anti-rouge eradication procedure: Drop down into DRIVE, STOMP IT, [FLAP-FLAP] stop. REVERSE, [FLAP-FLAP] stop. Repeat until rouge-pizza is done.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 29, 2009

    MamaDummy, that's what I was hinting at. If they ever take the next step and pull a female in their vehicle,.....

  • MamaDummy Oct 29, 2009

    I would have made sure my doors were locked and rammed into their vehicle, blowing my horn all the way...of course I could be shot doing it...THESE ARE REAL CRIMINALS..just think what their next level of crime will be..

  • akhtrg Oct 29, 2009

    Arm yourself and shoot them onsite

  • Adelinthe Oct 29, 2009

    Thank God they didn't hurt her, but I'd be darned if they'd get in my car.

    I'd be screaming so loud, they'd lose their hearing - and I'd have thrown my car keys as far as I could throw them to further delay them in whatever intentions they might have.

    God bless.


  • ooooooooooooooooo Oct 29, 2009


    I agree. Would this be racial?

  • Ladybug1 Oct 29, 2009

    Glad she's safe. They best be glad they are safe. If they had approached my vehicle they may have found a Lady Smith stuck in their faces or I would have tried to run them over with my car. If she had rammed the vehicle, that would have grabbed everyone's attention and they may have never gotten away.

  • 007KnightRider Oct 29, 2009

    Ladies, please be careful!!!