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Rocky Mount Police Investigate Shooting

Posted April 3, 2008

— Rocky Mount Police are investigating a possible gang-related shooting death Wednesday night.

Police found Ryan Anthony Lee, 16, with a gunshot wound to his torso at 1600 Clark St. He was transported to Nash General Hospital, where he died.

Officers were responding to a 10:30 p.m. report of a shooting near the intersection of Branch and Daughtridge streets when they found Lee.

The motive for the homicide is unclear, but police are considering the case gang-related.

Investigators are seeking information on a possible suspect vehicle. A burgundy Ford Taurus that was occupied by three black men was seen in the area of the shooting prior to and shortly following the incident.

Residents with any information on the case are urged to call Investigations Capt. Martin McCoy at 252-972-1485 or Twin County Crime Stoppers at 252-977-1111.


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  • blackdog Apr 3, 2008

    When the DEA with the help of sherrif Frank Brown set up the Pittman brothers for a major drug sting, it took them ten years of allowing cocaine into the area in large amounts. Since those days, Rocky Mount has gone downhill like a bobsled without brakes.

  • Ladybug1 Apr 3, 2008

    If we want to know what's going on in our "City on the Rise", just check the WRAL web page. The Telegram (Tel A Lie) sure doesn't keep us informed. Seems we are on the WRAL page daily now and it's not reporting good news.

  • luvmeneday Apr 3, 2008

    Just Ice; I agree!

  • holmesap Apr 3, 2008

    Well,Well another shooting and another death. Rocky Mount is definetly making the newspapers and tv news lately. The city council and goverment officials in City Hall are so busy trying to clean up the mess behind the walls of city hall that they don't have time to clean up the problems on the steets. I think its not only time to clean up the police department, but the city hall and the city council. It is definetly time to make some changes in Rocky Mount.

  • RocknRollDoctor Apr 3, 2008

    Rocky Mount is facing a serious stretch in terms of its long term health. Just a few of the problem in my opinion....

    -Loss of Jobs - Burlington Industries and the textile industry in general were very important to the inner city.

    -Floyd - IMO the FEMAville on the edge of town introduced some very seedy charaters to this community.

    -RM City Council - the city council cares nothing about the overall health of the ENTIRE city. Racial lines have been drawn and input from the white minority is not desired.

    -a frustrated city government forced to follow in step with a dysfuntional city council.

    -lack of a STRONG police presense. Citizens want cops. The city council wants to rebuild the inner city.

    -as crime spirals out of control the criminal element becomes more and more emboldened.

    -white flight in the face of an uncertain future. Exactly the outcome many have been seeking.

  • Just Ice Apr 3, 2008

    I have lived in Rocky Mount all of my life. We have a crime problem here and we have a growing gang problem. But all you will hear from city officials is praise for the good job Chief Manley is doing and constant denials that we have a gang problem at all.

    The chief should resign immediately but he will hang on until the bitter end and prolong this embarrassing mess he created. We need a new police chief that will clean up this town and we need a better City Council to govern Rocky Mount. But until the voters stop electing questionable city officials, nothing will ever change here.

  • lornadoone Apr 3, 2008

    sigh. :(

  • dukebbfan Apr 3, 2008

    So sad. Something has got to be done about gangs.

  • IhateForeignOil Apr 3, 2008

    Used to live in rocky mount...oh so glad I got the heck out of there!!!

  • NCbred77 Apr 3, 2008

    but..but...Chief Manley is doing such an outstanding job according to a story a month ago. Looks like the only thing he is outstanding at is propositioning female cadets. Like others before me have said, stay away from RM. It has nothing to offer anymore unless you enjoy being victimized.