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Rocky Mount police catch emu

Posted March 2, 2010

— Rocky Mount police caught an emu that was seen running through a park, cemetery and streets Monday afternoon.

strange bird maybe an orstrich what do you think? Rocky Mount police capture emu

Police said they got calls about about the giant bird running through Martin Luther Park, toward a cemetery on East Virginia Street. Officers spotted the bird in the cemetery, but it eluded capture and started running through traffic.

The emu was located behind a State Employee's Credit Union branch on Fairview Street. Animal control officers and police captured the bird safely. It was transported to the animal shelter on North Church Street.

It wasn't clear from where the emu came.


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  • Vinbenson Mar 2, 2010

    wonder what he did to get in trouble with the police??

  • unc70 Mar 2, 2010

    I had just noticed the other emu story from El Paso. It does seem strange to have two in one day.

  • TeresaBee Mar 2, 2010

    Wow! Two Emu stories in one day.

  • Scrat Mar 2, 2010

    I am glad they finally got this bird off the streets. It has a rap-sheet as long as it's legs, and a nasty disposition to boot.

  • anonemoose Mar 2, 2010

    Where is the picture of the Emu in front of the gray wall?

  • dianebearden Mar 2, 2010

    what where they thinking? where they trying to break the poor things legs. that was cruel, what i watched. after they snared the first leg, i couldn't watch anymore.

  • awomnsptofview Mar 2, 2010

    Its the only criminal that has been caught in RM lately.. Nice work...ROFL ...lighten up..it IS funny

  • anneonymousone Mar 2, 2010

    This may be funny from a distance, but I don't think I'd find it all that amusing if it were my job to chase several dozen pounds of bird that doesn't want to be caught. If Wikipedia is to be believed, emus can get up to 6.5 feet tall and can hit speeds of 31 mph.

    And they have beaks and claws.

  • Glenn Miller Mar 2, 2010

    They had to catch it quickly. The locals were eying it for a big chicken cooking this weekend!

  • sporteered Mar 2, 2010

    LOL! Funny to watch. Next time (trust me there very well be a next time) all they have to do is cover his head. Once you cover their head you can make them go wherever you want from behind them.