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Rocky Mount Officer Charged With DWI

Posted May 11, 2007

— A Rocky Mount police officer has been charged with drunken driving after he was involved in an accident, police said.

Sgt. Allen Moore has been charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving, police said. He hit a utility pole and a parked car on Wade Avenue, police said.

The Rocky Mount Police Department is handling the matter internally, police said, declining to discuss Moore's status.


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  • bigjim835 May 13, 2007

    snowwhite 27 Calm down. I think you have watched to many episodes of cops on fox. While police work is dangerous most police officers are killed because they violate their own deparment rules for handling situations. And yes I would say that construction jobs are on par as dangerous if not more dangerous than police work. Before you go off on a tangent I am an ex-LEO.

  • voddiecoop May 12, 2007

    When a cop is attacked or killed in the line of duty by a criminal we as a society hold that as one of the most egregious crimes one can commit because of the high regard we have of their service. When a cop violates that high regard they should also be held to a higher standard because of the high regard we have of their service.

  • Iseeu May 12, 2007

    Because the nut shot himself. What are you trying to say if they don't get shot they aren't doing their job? or is it because they hit what they aim at.

  • Iseeu May 12, 2007

    They aren't knights of the round table but they are the closes thing to it in my book! I happen to have meet a lot of cops and most truly car about the Job they are doing and the people they protect.

  • snowwhite46 May 12, 2007

    goodtimes-noodlesalad or whatever, you think that construction work is more dangerous then you are full of ----. My husband goes out there everyday taking the risk of someone robbing a store then shooting him, ot giving chase and recking or having some idiot like you having a fight with his spouse and taking it out on him and shooting him in the head or many other risk factors do you have those risk factors everyday when you go to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't think so....So don't put down law enforcement because they are always the first ones YOU call when YOU need HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iseeu May 12, 2007

    Cops are human to they have problems like everyone else, and I personally thank god they are around when we need them. He needs help not to lose his job and make things worse for him. I wouldn't want to do his job like the girl that got killed on ligon mill road or the 17 yr. old that got shot by her boy friend how would you like seeing that then going home and trying to act like everything is fine for your wife and kids. Its not like a day at the office or a shift at walmart and they don't get paid nearly enough.

  • goodtimes_noodlesalad May 12, 2007

    Hey random commenter dude...I would have to "go get him" the cops wouldn't..Oh yea, the cops got that guy at VA tech and at Columbine. In fact, how many cops were killed or even injured at those two mass killings? ..zerooooooo

    Look, the thought that cops are knights of the roundtable is pure fantasy....

  • buckos18 May 12, 2007

    hey mr construction worker, there is someone killing your family in crabtree valley mall..gather up your hammer, screwdrivers and dewalt cordless drill and go get him....bring your nail gun just in case...and probably a diaper due to the fact that you would be scared SH&*less.....

  • ralwood May 12, 2007

    hopefully this officer will receive treatment, and accept the fact that he has a drinking problem. he should receive the same punishment regardless. he is a human being, and in God's he is no different than the next drunk or junkie.

  • goodtimes_noodlesalad May 12, 2007

    Sarpup? Your response is the "PC" reason for the thin blue line stickers (Honestly, would a cop really tell you the truth behind the stickers?). Oh and sure, anybody can buy the stickers, but trust me - they are intended for cops ONLY.

    Chachi? Your agency arrested nine in one night, huh? I knowwww you are full of it (unless you and the boys are at a huge department and had a DWI checkpoint last night)

    Anyway, I am tired of this myth that cops are out there risking their lives more so than other professions. Trust me, construction work is much more dangerous.