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Rocky Mount motorists robbed at gunpoint

Posted July 9, 2009

— Five armed men robbed two men in a 1987 Ford Thunderbird along Cedar Street Wednesday night, according to Rocky Mount police.

The victims told police they went to 407 Cedar St. around 9:30 p.m. to buy a grill. Before they got out of their car, five men, including one with a handgun, approached them and demanded money.

Police said the driver jumped out of the car and tried to run, but the robbers caught and assaulted him. The robbers ordered the passenger out of the car and took $30 from his pants pocket.

One man then got into the Thunderbird and drove away with it, police said.

The car's information has been entered in the FBI's National Crime Information Center database.

Police do not have any suspects in the robbery.


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  • Enceenative Jul 9, 2009

    VIPCleaners- we need you on city council. Please consider running. You are the man.

  • gottasay Jul 9, 2009

    I am so glad that I separated from the RMPD and went to work for another agency. This is the type of thing I dealt with for 10 years in "The Rock" was glad to move on to a better law enforcement job. Until the administration of RMPD stops head hunting officers and starts letting them work things will only get worse. There are some great officers in Rocky Mount and I miss the guys, but do not miss the games that came from the third floor. I hope citizens will demand better from the city council and the Police Administration

  • hdsoftail Jul 9, 2009

    vipclean is telling it like it is, I live in RM also. Look at the crowd running the city!! They need to tighten up.

  • wadetp Jul 9, 2009

    Rocky Mount, City (with crime) on the rise! I am an employee of a public utility and often have to work in the middle of the night, with no street lights, by myself, in the bad parts of town. There's always some idiots walking around late at night or in the wee hours of morning....you can tell that they're up to no good. We really need to start some programs around here.....Come on Rocky Mount PD! Good officers, bad management!

  • rlt197131 Jul 9, 2009

    They went to buy a GRILL? Really? Thats the best they could come up with? Oh, a suspect description would be handy also.

  • rushbot Jul 9, 2009

    According to this outstanding piece of reporting, "Police do not have any suspects in the robbery." Nor a description, I guess.

  • angora2 Jul 9, 2009

    "Concealed," not "consealed."

  • Heel from Hell Jul 9, 2009

    If you're crossing Church St in Rocky Top, use caution or TURN AROUND!

  • RonnieR Jul 9, 2009

    Too many cheifs these day forget, if they ever had any, their days as a street cop. Even LA has one from the city of brotherly love, who did away with CRASH and other good programs in order to coddle the criminals. We need more Chiefs like Parker, Davis and Gates.

  • akhtrg Jul 9, 2009

    LOL, Fox News just ran a story about an hour ago talking about Craig's list being used by criminals. They run an ad saying boat for sell, car, grill...... then when the person shows up with cash they are robbed. How smart were these 2 people to show up anywhere in Rocky Mount at 9:30 pm? I carry a XD - 45 everywhere I go but if someone is pointing a firearm at me I would not be stupid enough to let them know I have it. Most of these crooks are ignorant beyond belief and as soon as he glanced away would be shot in the head. Anyone that owns a gun and shoots regularly knows it is not easy to hit a target without lots of practice. I have lots of practice, around 300 rounds per week, and I feel sorry for any crook that lets his guard down around me. I will not hesitate or feel bad after the fact.