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Rocky Mount man drowns at Busco Beach

Posted June 28, 2010
Updated June 29, 2010

— The body of a Rocky Mount man was pulled from the lake at Busco Beach on Tuesday morning following an all-night search, authorities said.

Michael Gardner, 44, was fishing with his wife and two children in the lake south of Goldsboro at about 6 p.m. Monday when he went underwater and didn't resurface, authorities said.

Wayne County deputies, members of the sheriff's dive team and K-9 team, the Arr-Mac Search and Rescue Team and Wayne County paramedics searched for Gardner throughout the night before recovering his body shortly after 11 a.m.


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  • ScottW76 Jul 2, 2010

    Does anyone know if they ever found this guy?

  • dawnfoster86 Jul 2, 2010

    My deepest symapthy goes out to this mans family. Come on people grow up. I have been to buscoe beach many times with my entire family and a group of friends. we all enjoy being there, you can get hurt anywhere. I feel this is a great place to enjoy four wheelin. for the people that dont think so try some of the places we have been, the people that run this place have security patrolling all the time. I feel this is a terrific place. This accident was a trajedy but our 12 year old neighbor drowned at a state park with a life guard on duty, things just happen.

  • beachbunny Jun 29, 2010

    someone dies out there every year

  • tashax2 Jun 29, 2010

    Fun place to be, hate the loss for that family.

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jun 29, 2010

    This place is so bad I want even let my kids go out there. It is dangerous, in Several different ways, this isn't a place for families. I have heard so many stories about things that go on.

  • wildcat Jun 29, 2010

    If you cannot swim, and don't have a life jacket on, why in the world do you get in the water knowing this. Stay out for your own safety. Now the children don't have a father and his wife is now alone because of his foolishness.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jun 29, 2010

    Some people just can't handle sadness and have to point blame to justfy not caring and make them believe tragedy can't touch them.

  • pulstar40 Jun 29, 2010

    Why is everyone speculating that he had been drinking while he was out fishing with his family? Furthermore, why even the comment about going into a body of water "at night". He went under about 6 pm. Considering it doesn't get dark until after 8 pm, what has that got to do with this incident? I agree with whatevah...show some compassion for his family who were there and witnessed it.

  • whatevah Jun 29, 2010

    Two children just lost a father and a woman lost a husband. Berating the situation is all you can think about?

  • btneast Jun 29, 2010

    See all you negative people that are quick to point a finger... he was fishing with his family not raising hell and drunk...Fishing....My prayers go out to his wife and kids....just a freak accident.....
    Oh, you have to "raise hell" to get drunk? Plenty of folks drink while fishing with their family....unfortunately. Why would anyone who can't swim go into a body of water .....at night?